Mini-Guide: Kawaii Kitchen

Kawaii Kitchen takes kawaii (or super cute) animals and merges them with the popular cooking genre. In this game, the player controls a kawaii animal chef who is filling orders […]

Mini-Guide: Alabama Bones

Alabama Bones is a combination auto-running platform game and puzzle game. The player is in charge of an Indiana Jones type character. With one tap on the screen, the character […]

Mini-Guide: Galaga Wars

Galaga Wars is the present-day, app adaptation of the classic video game Galaga. The player is in control of a spaceship, hurtling through different quadrants of the universe in an […]

Mini-Guide: MMM Fingers 2

In MMM Fingers 2, the player must place their finger on the screen and, without removing it, navigate through a constantly shifting selection of monsters. The monsters may move, change […]

Mini-Guide: Blendoku 2

Blendoku 2 is a puzzle art game that asks the players to organize squares of color swatches into a gradient, or blend of colors. In some levels, the player simply […]

Mini-Guide: Mr. Jump

Mr. Jump is a fast-paced, side-scrolling running game. The player controls a blocky, Minecraft-style character as he jumps over spikes and other obstacles. They control the length of jumps by […]

Mini-Guide: The Little Fox

The Little Fox is a runner-style game, with a hexagonal-shaped grid and beautiful graphics. The player controls a fox and must turn it left and right to gather gems, avoid […]

Mini-Guide: Forest Home

Forest Home is a puzzle game with cute forest characters and an occasional goblin boss. Each level has a grid with a varying number of squares. The player draws paths […]

Mini-Guide: Tynker Jr.

Tynker Jr is a coding game for 4 to 7 year old children. There are several different worlds–such as an underwater one, robot one, and wild animal one. Each of […]

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