Memorama is an animal matching game that increases in complexity the longer you play. The game starts out with just two cards and increases in number as you progress. Match […]

Klepto Cats

In this object-collecting game you play a human whose apartment is very bare until your cats begin to bring items home for you to decorate! Take care of your growing […]

Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer mystery game where you play one of several crew-members aboard a spaceship. One person is designated at the beginning of the game as the “Imposter” […]

Disney Frozen Adventures

Disney Frozen Adventures is a match-three game themed around the Frozen 2 movie. The player faces levels full of gems and various obstacles like snow, ice, and pinecones. By swapping […]

Good Pizza Great Pizza

Good Pizza Great Pizza is a game where you play the owner of a brand new pizzeria. As you play through each day in business, you will fulfill various request […]

Word Cookies

Word Cookies is a word-building game where the player takes random combinations of “cookie letters” off of a sheet to build words. The letters can be connected by simply clicking […]

Word Domination

Word Domination is a close cousin to games like Scrabble or Words With Friends. The player gets letter tiles, each with a different point value. They use them to build […]

Disney Princess Majestic Quest

Disney Princess Majestic Quest is a match three game. The Disney Princess theme comes in the form of a storyline where a magic storm damaged the home of Jasmine. The […]

SpellTower Plus

SpellTower Plus is essentially a word find game. Instead of being given a list of specific words to find, however, the player can find and select any words they can […]

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