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Explore Classroom Guides

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Planning helps students with setting and achieving goals by understanding step-by-step processes.

Time Management

Time Management helps students to be aware of their use of time and to manage their schedules and tasks efficiently.


Organization helps students to arrange and coordinate materials and activities in order to complete a task.


Self-Control helps students to manage their feelings and behaviors, and stop themselves from acting inappropriately.


Focus helps students start a task without procrastinating and then maintain their attention and effort until it’s done.


Self-Awareness helps students understand and articulate their thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of others.

Working Memory

Working Memory focuses on the ability to remember and use relevant information while in the middle of an activity.


Flexibility helps students to adapt and adjust to changing conditions and expectations without becoming frustrated.


Finding Games and Apps

There are two ways to find Games and Apps on LearningWorks for Kids


Learning Profile

Create a learning profile for a child to receive customized recommendations for games, apps, and more.


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Learning Profiles

How to use Learning Profiles.

Learning Profiles contain customized recommendations for games and apps that can help with each student's specific learning needs.

First you will need to tell us which platforms your students have access to, so we know what games and apps to recommend.

Then we'll ask you for some basic information, and to tell us about which skills and challenges the student is struggling with.

Once finished, you'll be taken to the Learning Profile, where each of the skills and challenges you chose will be displayed at the top of the page.

You can find the student's top recommendations in the Games and Apps box below.

You can filter these recommendations by Learning Challenge or Skill by clicking on buttons over the games and apps.

To see all of the student's recommendations, click on the See All button at the top of the box.

Further down on the page, you'll find recommendations for Play Now games and Prescriptions.

Play Now games are fun, popular online games that kids can play and learn from right here on LW4K.

Prescriptions are step-by-step guides for using specific series of games and apps to improve thinking skills and academics.

That's it. Start creating your first Learning Profile now!

Learning Resources

Check out all of our great resources to learn about Executive Functions, Thinking Skills, Learning Challenges and more!

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