About Us

LearningWorks for Kids was founded on the principle that popular video games and other digital media, when used mindfully and responsibly, can be powerful tools for sharpening and improving children’s academic performance and cognitive Thinking Skills. This is especially true for the children we call Alternative Learners: kids who struggle with everything from mild learning difficulties to diagnosed disorders such as Asperger’s, Dyslexia, and ADHD.

Just as every physical sport inherently exercises an athlete’s muscles, every video game or other digital technology inherently exercises a user’s brain. Yet, it goes without saying that simply setting a child in front of a computer screen–with no direction or guidance–will never translate into better grades at school or improved behavior at home. To achieve those improvements, and to make the most out of the amazing potential that video games and technology now offer, parents must learn how to put their kids’ digital play time to work.

This is where LearningWorks for Kids comes in.

Drawing on original research and decades of experience in education and psychology, the LWK team has created an online platform for informing and instructing parents on how to enrich and enhance their kids’ digital play time. Our expansive collection of Apps+ technology guides, video game PlayBooks and unique parenting recommendations provide even the most digitally inexperienced moms and dads with the expertise and know-how to:

  • Identify which Thinking Skills their children need help with.
  • Choose the best games and technologies for their children.
  • Connect their children’s screen time to real-world situations and opportunities for learning.
  • Create quality family time by playing together and reflecting on their experiences.

Children today are spending more and more time in a place where their parents only rarely dare to follow, and almost never dare to lead: online, in-game, and digitally connected. Here at LearningWorks for Kids, we are dedicated to showing parents how to mentor their children through the digital world, not only to help them become stronger at school, but just as importantly, to help them develop into safer digital citizens, and more confident, capable kids.


LearningWorks for Kids Leadership

Founder and President: Dr. Randy Kulman, Ph.D

Dr. Kulman is the founder and president of LearningWorks for Kids. He coordinates our team of psychologists, educators, and digital designers in our quest to make video games good for kids. As a licensed clinical child psychologist, Dr. Kulman has been working directly with kids and families for the past 30 years, and has become a leading expert on the use of digital technologies for improving thinking skills in children.

One of Dr. Kulman’s most important roles is to lead our team of psychologists and educators in our ongoing research into game-based learning, the use of digital technologies in helping children with attentional and learning problems, and using video games for teaching problem solving skills in schools.

Dr. Kulman became interested in the use of video games for teaching thinking skills through his clinical work with children and families. After listening to hundreds of children and parents reporting how engaged kids were in their video game experiences, he began researching methods by which video games could be helpful to children, and from there developed the framework for LearningWorks for Kids.

James Daley, Editorial & Creative Director

James wears many hats at LearningWorks for Kids. While his primary duties include quibbling over pixels and picking at pronouns, he can also be found waxing philosophical about gaming and education, strategizing about social media, and carrying out many other similar tasks related to ensuring the quality of content and consistency of vision across our ever-evolving media landscape.

James brings to LWK his longtime experience as an educator, editor, gamer, writer, and all-around game-based learning evangelist. In addition to his duties at LWK, James instructs digital writing for the University of Rhode Island and video game design at the New England Institute of Technology. He also doggedly carries on his passion for “paper-based media” by publishing anthologies of rhetoric on civil rights and political thought.

You can find James on Twitter @jamesdaley.

Leah Watkins, Editorial Specialist

A writer and editor at LearningWorks for Kids, Leah Watkins has been alive only slightly longer than she has been playing video games. She is a recent graduate of the University of Rhode Island, where she went back to get her bachelor’s degree and majored in Writing & Rhetoric and History. Originally from Maine, Leah lives in Providence, RI with her newborn son.

Ryan Smith, Gaming Specialist & Live Instructor

Ryan is a course instructor, designer and content creator at Learning Works for Kids. Ryan runs the gaming side to Learningworks Live such as Minecraft, Fortnite and Overwatch. He creates videos and artwork for the Learning Works for Kids YouTube Channels, Twitch Channel, and Website as well.

As an avid gamer he has been holding a controller in his hand before he could walk. With the only other hobbies coming to him as natural as games being Art and Video Production. Ryan recently graduated the University of Rhode Island achieving a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus on Digital Art & Design and Video Production.

Erin Churchill, Live Instructor

Erin is a course instructor and content creator at Learning Works for Kids. She is also currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the school psychology program at the University of Rhode Island. With her knowledge of child development, social emotional learning, and executive functioning, Erin assists our team in creating courses that are both engaging and developmentally appropriate. She enjoys discovering and utilizing apps to make day-to-day tasks easier!