Wordington is a home renovation and decoration simulation game where the player solves crossword puzzles in order to earn money and stars to recreate a childhood home. 

After ending […]

Kitty Letter


Kitty Letter is a new game from the creator of the popular web comic The Oatmeal. It is a word creation game with a twist. You are the owner […]

Temple Run Puzzle Adventure


Temple Run Puzzle Adventure is an Apple Arcade matching game from the makers of the Temple Run series. The player receives a package in the mail one morning; upon […]

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is a trilogy of games surrounding the courtroom antics of Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney who takes over his partner’s practice after her tragic death. Alongside […]

Zookeeper World


Zookeeper World is a match three and management simulation game where the the player is building and running their very own zoo. In order to earn currency to build […]

Old Friends Dog Game


 Old Friends Dog Game is a management simulator/idle game/visual novel where you play as the owner of a new home for elderly dogs. You start with one dog named […]

Master Chef: Let’s Cook!


Master Chef: Let’s Cook! is a cooking simulation game where the player is a contestant on a game show competing to see who can make the best meal. The […]



Tint is a puzzle game where the player uses dots of watercolor paint to solve increasingly complex color-based puzzles. The user clicks on a dot of watercolor paint and […]

Hello Kitty Cafe


Hello Kitty Cafe is a click game where the player is running a cafe, hiring staff, serving customers, and taking payments. When the customers enter the cafe an icon […]

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