Mini-Guide: Notebook: Take Notes, Sync

Notebook—Take Notes, Sync is Zoho’s answer to the note taking and organization genre. It has a tutorial “note” when you download the app. However, it is easy enough to use […]

What Does Your Child Learn From Playing Minecraft?

If you’ve ever wondered if your children are learning anything when they’re playing Minecraft, have no fears. Minecraft is one of the best video games children can play. While I […]

Mini-Guide: Numberzilla

Numberzilla is a numbers matching game. The player has a grid of numbers and must connect matching pairs or pairs that add up to ten. If they make a match, […]

What Do Children Learn from Playing Fortnite?

While many parents wonder if their kids are learning anything when they’re playing video games, one thing is clear:  they are learning how to get better at playing video games. […]

Mini-Guide: Mahjong Crimes

Mahjong Crimes is a tile-matching game laid over the stories of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. Poirot is similar to Sherlock Holmes in a different era. Mahjong takes tiles with Chinese […]

Mini-Guide: Wordington: Words and Design

Wordington: Words and Design takes crossword puzzles and marries it with the popular design games. The player helps Emma make design choices to renovate the house she inherited. To do […]

Mini-Guide: Toliti

Toliti is a word search game with a dose of match-three game thrown in. The player hunts for words on a grid of honeycomb shaped letters. Each level has different […]

Executive Functions Bibliography for Teachers

Educators and clinicians are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of executive functions on children’s learning and psychosocial development. While we have great information on the LearningWorks for Kids website […]

Mini-Guide: Jumanji Epic Run

Jumanji: Epic Run takes the endless runner genre and gives it a heavy dose of Jumanji theming and adventure. In addition to the typical running of an endless runner, this […]

Educators Pages: How Much Time Do Kids Spend With Technology

Adults are amazed by how much time children and teenagers spend with entertainment media each day. A recent study conducted by Common Sense Media found that teenagers between the ages […]