Five Ways to Help Children Who Cannot Remember Their Morning Routine

“My 10-year old needs me to help him get ready for school every morning. He forgets to brush his teeth, take his backpack, and get his lunch. If I didn’t […]

A Powerful New Strategy for Reducing Screen Time for Teens

Less screens for teens sounds like an unachievable goal. In a world where more than 70 % of teens are within arms reach of their phones, it’s hard to separate […]

Mini-Guide: Om Nom Run

Om Nom Run has endless runner style game play with the twist of having specific levels and ending points, rather than play-til-you-fail levels. Each level has a specific mission, such […]

Mini-Guide: Family Style Co-op Kitchen

Family Style Co-op Kitchen is a fast-paced, cooperative party game. The players are chefs filling customer recipes with a variety of cooking actions (such as chop or boil). Players work […]

Recommended Websites for Parents about Children’s Mental Health

Clinicians and pediatricians are often the first experts consulted by parents when they have questions about their children’s mental health.  Twenty years ago it required an appointment or a phone […]

Three Tips to Make Screen TIme Better: Whole Play – A New Form of 21st Century Play

The furor over excessive screen-time use among kids is growing. While recent concerns about screen-time addiction are centered on playing Fortnite, it was not too long ago that the issue […]

Mini-Guide: Cubor

Cubor is a puzzle game where the player moves cubes around a grid in an effort to match the cubes with their color and shape. Each cube has a specific […]

Mini-Guide: Wonderscope

Wonderscope is an app where augmented reality meets story time. There are several stories to choose from, although only one is free.

The user selects the story and then finds […]

Mini-Guide: Two Spies

Two Spies is a turn-based strategy game for two players. Players can be bots, found online, a local network, or by passing the device back and forth. Each player is […]

Executive-functioning Strategies: The Antidote to Stress in School

I will have the honor of speaking at the 35th Annual Learning Differences Conference on March 20 and 21, 2020 at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The title of […]