Epistory: Typing Chronicles

In Epistory: Typing Chronicles, the player takes on the role of a nameless girl who rides on the back of a giant three-tailed fox. As the game begins, the narration […]

Five Strengths of Kids with ADHD: What Does the Future Hold?

Are you frustrated by your child’s inattention to schoolwork and chores? Do you need to remind him to focus on his schoolwork, rather than an online video game? Parents of […]


Memory is a matching game where students can choose from several different objects to “find” as well as how complex they would like the game to be.

At the […]

Chicken Scream

Chicken Scream is a unique game where the player uses their voice to control their character, a chicken, as they navigate various puzzles. The level of volume directly affects how […]

Vocabulary Miner

Learning a foreign language can be difficult for students so Vocabulary Miner is a way for them to stay organized and confident. Vocabulary Miner is a foreign language app where […]

Magic Cross Stitch: Color Pixel Art

Magic Cross Stitch: Color Pixel Art is a game where players can choose a pattern and “stitch” a pattern by clicking on certain numbered squares. Like a paint-by-numbers app, […]

Three Apps For Homeschool Organization

Just because students are not venturing out into the world does not mean that they instantly become paragons of organization. Students who are learning remotely due to COVID-19 and homeschooled […]

Simple Habit

Simple Habit is a mindfulness app that targets multiple areas of a student’s personality. After taking an initial assessment that covers three areas (Mind, Body, Soul) Simple Habit will design […]


Gwakkamole is a fun memory game where the player is attempting to whack avocados with a hand-shaped masher. The game works like a basic whack-a-mole set up where the avocados […]

Animal Typing Lite

Animal Typing Lite is a typing exercise app that shows students their speed in the form of animals running across the screen. The animal you see on the screen reflects […]