Two New Innovations for Kids With ADHD

Video games that can actually treat ADHD: a dream come true for many kids with ADHD. I can see these kids now…

“Jamie, it’s time to stop playing your video […]

Why Can’t My Kid Get Her Work Done in Remote Learning?

Remote learning was a failure in its first iteration for the majority of US students. Were we to give it a grade, it would probably be a “D” or an […]

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Find Great Learning Apps. Learn How to Use Them. Help Your Child Succeed. Great games and amazing apps that will help your child get organized, stay focused, and succeed in [...]

How To Teach Executive Functioning Skills for Remote Learners

Jamie had always been a good student while attending his brick-and-mortar school.  He is a friendly kid who is well-liked by his peers and teachers. His teachers have always been […]

Is there a Natural Cure for ADHD?

Is there actually such a thing as a natural cure for ADHD? I am not referring to a homeopathic remedy or an herbal solution, but a natural cure involving environmental, […]

Three Ways Kids Get Smart Playing Fantasy Football

It’s the beginning of the fantasy football season and in a few months, the smartest general managers will be celebrating their league championships. I would argue that many of the […]

How Video Games Improve Organization Skills

Parents can get creative when it comes to finding strategies to help their kids stay organized. They spend boatloads of money on storage containers, crates, and shelving in hopes of […]

Six Ways to Improve Executive-Functions and Remote Learning Skills

The skills needed to succeed in remote distance learning are not primarily academic. Without the structure of school and the guidance of caring teachers, kids are often left on their […]

Do Kids Like Remote Learning?

It’s the question everyone is trying to answer: Do Kids Like Remote Learning?  With September approaching students will be returning to school shortly in the northern parts of the country. […]

Improving Executive Functioning with Roblox

Why do kids love to play Roblox? It’s creative, easy to learn, and allows for increasingly complex play. Roblox play is also a fantastic opportunity for improving executive functions. Roblox […]