Executive Functions Bibliography for Teachers

Educators and clinicians are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of executive functions on children’s learning and psychosocial development. While we have great information on the LearningWorks for Kids website […]

Mini-Guide: Jumanji Epic Run

Jumanji: Epic Run takes the endless runner genre and gives it a heavy dose of Jumanji theming and adventure. In addition to the typical running of an endless runner, this […]

Educators Pages: How Much Time Do Kids Spend With Technology

Adults are amazed by how much time children and teenagers spend with entertainment media each day. A recent study conducted by Common Sense Media found that teenagers between the ages […]

Mini-Guide: Jour

Jour is a guided journaling app. It provides multiple different approaches to journaling. First is a basic daily journal. The app asks simple questions like how do you feel and […]

Mini-Guide: Disney Frozen Adventures

Disney Frozen Adventures is a match-three game themed around the Frozen 2 movie. The player faces levels full of gems and various obstacles like snow, ice, and pinecones. By swapping […]

Educators Introduction

The lives of twenty-first century kids are increasingly defined by their use of technology. If you are a teacher, school administrator, school psychologist, social worker, or nurse who works in […]

Beyond Games: Can You Teach a Child to Keep Track of Time?

There is something special about getting lost in an activity and losing track of time. Being absorbed in what you are doing can reflect a sense of mindfulness and being […]

Mini-Guide: Daylio

Daylio is a mood and goal tracker, with a primary focus on mood tracking. When the user opens the app up, they see five emoji. If they have customized their […]

Improving Flexibility by Playing Fortnite

What are your kids learning when they play Fortnite? Sure, they are learning to hunt and destroy, and some kids become experts in building forts and shelters. But maybe they […]

Mini-Guide: Grasshopper: Learn to Code

Grasshopper: Learn to Code teaches the user to code using JavaScript. Where most apps of this sort use games to teach coding concepts, this app jumps right in and teaches […]