Collect is a creativity and organization app that allows the user to make different idea boards based on different categories. The user creates a board, gives it a title, […]

Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is a life simulation game where the player inherits an old rundown farm from their grandfather. They move to the farm and, over the course of many […]

Eight Reasons to Let Your Child Play Video Games During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This past holiday season, a new phone, the newest console (PlayStation5 or Xbox Series X) or video games were probably at the top of most kids’ lists. It’s likely the […]


Gris is a wordless platform game in which the user plays a young girl dealing with grief in the aftermath of a tragic event. The story is told almost exclusively […]



Breeze is an app designed to promote emotional self-awareness and track your moods over a period of time. Every day (or several times a day if needed) the user […]

Four Games That Help Kids Celebrate the Small Stuff 

Expressing gratitude is often identified as one of the keys to experiencing happiness in life. Gratitude is the ability to appreciate the positive elements of one’s life and the basics […]

Apart of Me


Apart of Me is a game designed by psychologists especially tailored for children who are experiencing grief as a result of a death, an illness, or other hard to […]



Moshi is a mindfulness and sleep app designed for children. The app incorporates white noise, storytelling, music, and guided meditations to help children develop good sleeping habits and become […]

Me: A Kid’s Diary


Me: A Kid’s Diary is an app where kids can keep a virtual multimedia diary of their daily lives. Rather than writing everything down each day, the user answers […]

S’Mores Up


S’MoresUp is a calendar and chore assignment app for the whole family to use! The initial setup allows you to add your family members, choose some frequently needed chores […]