Climb is an app for English language learners to increase their vocabulary through fun interactive games, memes, and challenges. The user opens the app and begins by taking a […]

Master Chef: Let’s Cook!


Master Chef: Let’s Cook! is a cooking simulation game where the player is a contestant on a game show competing to see who can make the best meal. The […]

Central Hospital Stories


Central Hospital Stories is a sandbox game where users can explore five different floors of a hospital and place different characters in the setting to create their own story. 




Tint is a puzzle game where the player uses dots of watercolor paint to solve increasingly complex color-based puzzles. The user clicks on a dot of watercolor paint and […]

LW4K Game Spotlight: A Hat in Time

This is the next video in a new Learningworks for Kids series, Game Spotlight! In each video, we are highlighting some great games both old and new and defining the […]



Catban is an app where the user can create multiple project boards, or kanban, in order to stay focused on tasks that need to be completed. The user opens […]

Hello Kitty Cafe


Hello Kitty Cafe is a click game where the player is running a cafe, hiring staff, serving customers, and taking payments. When the customers enter the cafe an icon […]

Happy Daycare Stories


Happy Daycare Stories is a sandbox game where users can explore seven different rooms of a daycare center and place different children in the setting to create their own […]



Sp!ng is a puzzle game where you are guiding a small object through a maze to a portal-like goal at the end. Along the way to the goal there […]



Skybrary is an app designed to get children excited about reading by providing high interest texts combined with educational activities, games, and videos. After the parent creates an account […]