Wisdom: The World of Emotions


Wisdom: The World of Emotions is an app that promotes self-awareness and self-control with games. The user finds themself in a kingdom and is trying to help the king […]

Encouraging Sibling Harmony With Cooperative Games

It’s happening again–for the fourth time in as many hours your kids are fighting. This time it’s over who gets to drink from the blue cup. This is the first […]

Outschool Is Cool School – Online Education Your Kids Will Love

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve done much of my clinical work online via Zoom, the same tool that many of my patients are using to attend school. Many of the […]

Two New Innovations for Kids With ADHD

Video games that can actually treat ADHD: a dream come true for many kids with ADHD. I can see these kids now…

“Jamie, it’s time to stop playing your video […]

Improving Executive Functioning with Roblox

Why do kids love to play Roblox? It’s creative, easy to learn, and allows for increasingly complex play. Roblox play is also a fantastic opportunity for improving executive functions. Roblox […]

How to Teach Executive Functions for Homeschoolers and Distance Learners

We now have a nation of homeschoolers. Prior to March 2020, only about 4% of parents were choosing to homeschool their children, while a recent poll by Outschool indicated that […]

Is it ADHD or Executive Functioning?

Aidan is a very capable student; however, he seems to struggle to finish his school work and he is very forgetful. When he does finish his homework, he will often […]

Three Ways Outschool Makes Screen Time into Learning Time

Your kids are bored. They are stuck at home and can’t visit their friends or participate in sports. They aren’t going to school or able to attend extracurricular activities. They […]

What Are Executive Functions? The Importance of Working Memory

Executive functions (EFs)  are brain-based cognitive skills that help with decision-making and self-control. EFs help with figuring out what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. […]

Four Tips on How to Reward Sustained Attention and Effort

One of the methods I use to encourage myself on tasks such as writing an article or a report is to reward myself with a cup of coffee or a […]