Five Reasons Executive Functions Are the Most Important Skills to Teach Your Children in the 2020s

Parents naturally want their children to have better lives than they do and are rightfully concerned that their children’s futures will not be as good as their own.  Uncertainties about […]

Module 3: Executive Functions and Thinking Skills

LearningWorks Live Instructor TrainingModule 3What Are Executive Functions? Executive functions are brain-based cognitive skills that facilitate critical thinking and self-regulation. Executive functions call upon the prefrontal cortex of our brains [...]

LearningWorks Live Instructor Training

LearningWorks Live Instructor TrainingThis course will teach instructors, interns and new members of the LearningWorks Live team about the LearningWorks Method and running LearningWorks Live SessionsOverview What is Learning Works [...]

The Best Books for Teenagers Who Have Executive Functioning Difficulties

Teenagers with executive-functioning problems often don’t know what to do to help themselves. Weak skills in executive functioning may not have had much of an impact in elementary school, nor […]

Building Self Control with Fortnite: Monster Maze

Building Self Control with Fortnite: Monster MazeIn this workshop, our expert Gamer Guides lead kids through fun Fortnite activities to improve their self control skills. Today’s Activity: Monster Maze Welcome [...]

Executive Functions? These MUST be able to get better, right?

A Play Diet that includes team sports can be helpful in developing many executive-functioning skills

Executive functions, the brain-based skills that are crucial to school and future success, can get […]

Verbal Working Memory in the Classroom

Verbal working memory involves the ability to remember something and to perform an activity using this memory. Verbal working memory helps maintain information in mind to use for learning, reasoning, […]

Live Welcome

Welcome to LearningWorks Live! What would you like to do first? Explore Courses and Workshops Browse our upcoming executive-function-training courses and workshops. Explore Now Find Great Games and Apps Find [...]

Building Skills With Minecraft Planning #1

Social Emotional Skills Workshops

Social-Emotional Skills Workshop In these workshops, students will be introduced to four social-emotional skills: self-care, self-control, self-awareness, and flexibility. Our Gamer Guides will focus on developing your child’s independent coping [...]