This is the next video in a new LearningWorks for Kids series, Game Spotlight! In each video, we are highlighting some great games both old and new and defining the key executive functions that can be strengthened through play. This video will focus on the game Knot Words. Click below to watch the video and learn more. The transcript is also provided below for your convenience. 


Welcome to LearningWorks for Kids Game spotlights! This is a series where we go over New and popular video games and talk about how you can use the skills you learn in-game in the real world! It’s Evan(Jess) here from LearningWorks for Kids and if you like what you see consider hitting that thumbs up button. Also, subscribe to the channel and click that notification bell so you know when more videos post like this! If you want to learn more about these sorts of skills, head on over to our website where we post blogs about Executive function skills and how games and technology can help children learn these skills. If you are interested in a class, look at to see our self-guided classes to help guide children into thinking about the skills they use in-game, and how to bring them over to the real world!

If you like word games like Wordle, get ready to take your puzzle-solving skills to the next level with today’s game, Knotwords. This game takes the classic format of a crossword puzzle and removes the hints. So you may be asking yourself at this point, how can I solve a crossword puzzle without knowing without hints? Well, this is where the game gets a little complicated. The words in the puzzle are broken down into individual clusters where the player has a limited amount of letters to try. They can then move to the next chunk of the puzzle and add more words to the crossword puzzle. The idea is to build words by combining the chunks of the puzzle together. The only problem? Sometimes a word fits but still isn’t the correct choice. The player wins when they complete the puzzle with all the correct words spelled correctly. If you like a challenge when it comes to your word games, definitely give Knotwords a try. 

Knotwords is a great way for the player to practice their working memory skills. Remembering how words are spelled while you are putting them together piece by piece requires the player to use their working memory skills. If the player struggles with this skill, they may find it difficult to complete puzzles because they are spelling words incorrectly. However, if players want to practice this skill, the game does feature shorter mini puzzles. Also, the earlier in the week, the simpler the puzzles will be. So if you really want to practice your working memory skills before tackling a really hard puzzle, check out Knotwords on Monday! 

This game is also a great way for players to practice their flexibility skills. In order to complete the puzzles in Knotwords, the player needs to be willing to try several different words, sometimes within the same puzzle. Just because a word fits does not mean that it is the correct one. For players who struggle with flexibility or just need a little bit of help, hints are available. 

And finally, this game is a great way to practice self-control. Words games can be tricky and Knotwords amps up the difficulty for the player, even with some of the more simple puzzles. Knowing when you are getting frustrated and need to take a break is just as important as solving the puzzle itself. And if you do want to take that break, don’t worry. The game allows you to save your progress and come back whenever you want. 

What is your favorite word game? I personally start my day off with Wordle but have also been doing the daily challenges for Knotwords as well.  Also again, if you liked the video hit the like button. It helps the channel out significantly. We also go live Wednesdays, come check it out and chat with us about new and popular games that are coming out. Until next time, check out our other content at



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