Books That Promote Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills in Kids and Teens

Our kids need to be taught social-emotional learning skills (SEL) more than ever. In a world where far too many role models display values of selfishness, dishonesty, an inability to […]

Book Series for Kids to Improve Thinking Skills and SEL Skills

Many parents and teachers have concluded that most kids today would rather play a video game than read a book. And while data from all over the world suggest that […]

What To Do About Your Child’s Summer Reading Assignments

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Book Recommendations for Kids with ADHD and Executive Functioning Issues

Kids with ADHD and executive functioning problems can find it difficult to fit into their world, “bumping” into others physically, socially, and emotionally. They may behave impulsively or do something […]

Using Video Games to Teach Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Kids affected by high functioning, or Level 1, autism have some difficulty with “soft skills,” including social skills, communication, and adaptive behaviors. They may also have problems with sustained attention […]

Executive Functions Used in Bike Riding

Riding a bike is one of the simplest, most popular activities children enjoy. From what I have observed in my clinical work, it may be the third most common preferred […]

Teaching Executive Functions and Social Emotional Learning Skills (SEL) with Sports

Skateboarding, Surfing, and Snowboarding can improve executive functions and social emotional learning skills (SEL)! Sports that require balance and body awareness are easy to learn for some kids, but often […]

The Clinician’s Guide to Executive Functions

The phrase “executive functions” is becoming an increasingly common term in discussions of children with attention, learning, and psychosocial disorders. As there are varying definitions of executive functions, clinicians are encouraged […]

How Tennis Improves Executive Functions

Tennis can be played individually or as a part of a team where cheering on teammates or playing doubles practices social-emotional learning skills. It’s a great game for kids who […]

Improve Executive Functions with Team Sports

Did you know that team sports can be a great tool to enhance your child’s learning, attention, and executive functions? There have been dozens of studies over the past decade […]