Self-Control: Response Inhibition, Reducing Impulsivity


Minecraft & Autism: Teaching Self-Control in Combat and Defeat

Minecraft’s open-ended gameplay makes it a great platform for learning. For children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), the game can be particularly helpful in teaching key cognitive skills like Self-Awareness, Flexibility and Self-Control. […]

5 Tips to Help Your Child Develop Better Self-Control Skills

Self-Control is one of the most important skills for children’s academic performance and social well-being. Kids who struggle with Self-Control commonly have difficult managing their emotions, making wise decisions and […]

5 Strategies to Improve Self-Control in Children

Self-Control is an important skill for children’s academic success and helps kids to lead a happy, healthy life. It is the thinking skill that helps children learn to control their feelings […]

LW4K Picks: Best Apps and Games to Improve Self-Control

Digital technologies are often blamed for contributing to self-control problems in children. But with the right apps and games, the same activities thought to be a recreational distraction can prove […]

Mini-Assessment Results: Self-Control

Your child could use help developing their Self-Control skills.

Your responses to the the LearningWorks for Kids Thinking Skills Mini-Assessment indicate that your child may be struggling their Self-Control skills. Self-Control is the […]

Managing Your Child’s Self-Control with Video Games

The following case study is an example of the ways that video games can exercise Self-Control skills. The story itself is a variation of one or more patients I have worked […]

5 Ways Video Games Teach Self-Control Skills

Many of the most popular video games, such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Fruit Ninja, and Batman: Arkham City are loaded with opportunities to practice and develop the skill of […]

What is Self-Control?

Self-Control is the thinking skill that helps you to: Keep control of your emotions when frustrated. Think before you act. Stop yourself from doing something you might regret. For example, you [...]