LW4K App Spotlight: Sesame Street Family Play

Welcome to LearningWorks for Kids App Spotlight for Parents! In this series, we are highlighting some key apps for children and families and defining the key executive functions that can be strengthened through their use. This video will focus on the activity app Sesame Street Family Play. Click below to watch the video and learn more. The transcript is also provided below for your convenience. A special thanks to our videographer Alexa for her work on this awesome video!


Hello and Welcome to LearningWorks for Kids App Spotlights for Parents! In this series, we will be highlighting some apps that can really help your child’s executive functioning skills. Like what you see? Then be sure to visit us at learningworksforkids.com to read our educational blogs, and game reviews, and learn more about how to create a balanced play diet for your child. 

The cold weather months are upon us and that means more time indoors. So today we are going to talk about the app Sesame Street Family Play. This app is designed for parents to interact with their children through game-based play. When the parent opens the app, there are three options for different types of play. They can select activities to engage, activities for physical movement, or activities to calm down. After selecting a type of activity, the app will ask where this activity is taking place. Parents can choose from any room in the house, as well as the backyard and even via virtual connections like Zoom or FaceTime. 

The parent then selects how many children will be playing the game. After an anticipatory drumroll, a  Sesame Street character will pop up with a game suggestion. After reading the synopsis for the game, the parent can make the decision to either play or try another activity. Once the perfect activity has been selected, the app walks parents through the rules of the game, sometimes even offering challenge modes to keep things interesting. 

Sesame Street Family Play is a great way for young children to practice their flexibility and self-control skills. Because the app features games for different moods, different numbers of kids, and different areas of the home, there is a great deal of variety for the child to experience. Try a new activity each day and talk with your child about how they liked or disliked the new game. Self-control skills can also be practiced because these games are a great way to talk with your children about appropriate activities for when we are tired, bored, frustrated, or sad. 

Well, that’s all the time we have for today. If you’d like to watch more videos like this, go ahead and hit the subscribe button. We publish new content every week so you can learn how to set up your child’s play diet. To learn more visit learningworksforkids.com 




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