The Clinician’s Guide to Executive Functions

The phrase “executive functions” is becoming an increasingly common term in discussions of children with attention, learning, and psychosocial disorders. As there are varying definitions of executive functions, clinicians are encouraged […]

How Tennis Improves Executive Functions

Tennis can be played individually or as a part of a team where cheering on teammates or playing doubles practices social-emotional learning skills. It’s a great game for kids who […]

Improve Executive Functions with Team Sports

Did you know that team sports can be a great tool to enhance your child’s learning, attention, and executive functions? There have been dozens of studies over the past decade […]

My Child Worries Too Much: Managing Childhood Stress

Anticipating the future is a mixed blessing. Some children are overwhelmed with anticipatory anxiety. They worry about events they cannot control, things that haven’t and may not happen. Thinking too […]

Help a Child Who Doesn’t Get Their Way

Does your child get overwhelmed by stress? Does the slightest disappointment send them spinning out of control? Are there emotional meltdowns when they don’t get their way? Many children display […]

Five Great Movies That Can Help Improve Organization Skills

Does your child regularly misplace homework? Is homework forgotten or not turned in? Do they lose focus easily and have difficulty sustaining effort? These are all indications of executive functioning […]

Can anxiety cause slow processing speed in children?

Can anxiety cause slow processing speed in children?

Anxious kids often appear to be hesitant and unsure of themselves. They take a long time to make decisions and may be […]

Five Great Movies for Improving Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills

Social emotional learning (SEL) skills help young children to manage emotions, cooperate with others, understand themselves, and deal with stress. SEL skills are crucial for twenty-first century kids who are […]

Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions

If you are the parent or teacher of a capable but disorganized teenager it is probably worthwhile to devote some energy to improving their executive functions. Teens who struggle with […]

Video Games Can Help Children with Autism Function Better

Children affected by autism tend to be very engaged – sometimes too much so – with video games. How can parents leverage the video game engagement of children with Autism […]