Street Fighter X Tekken

LQ: 8.2


Brain grade: 7.7
Fun score: 8.6

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Teen Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 14+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Street Fighter X Tekken takes characters from two of the biggest fighting franchise in gaming and pits them against each other in two-on-two battles. Players choose from a wide variety of characters form both games, each with their own unique set of attacks and special moves. As players take hits and attack, their Cross Bar fills at the bottom of the screen. The Cross Bar can fill to three different points, each allowing the player to unleash more devastating maneuvers. Players can battle the CPU in arcade mode, or go online to battle other players in a variety of modes. The game features instances of strong language and cartoon-like, stylized violence, but no blood. Certain female characters wear revealing outfits, some more sexualized than others. Due to these factors, Street Fighter X Tekken is only recommended to players ages 14 and up.

workingThis game is good for kids who need help with:


Managing our actions, feelings, and behaviors.

In order to do well in Street Fighter X Tekken, players need to execute complicated button commands, and if they fall into a panic and begin mashing buttons, they will not be able to fight with precision. Furthermore, each team consists of two fighters, but it only takes one of them to be KO'd to end the match. That means players can still lose even with their tagged out character undamaged. Therefore, players need to switch between their two character frequently mid-fight, as periodically removing injured fighters can regenerate a small portion of their life. Impulsive players that get too wrapped up in the action tend to keep injured fighters in battle instead of swapping them out, losing before getting the chance to use their other fighter to his full potential.

Furthermore, as players perform special moves and take damage, a meter called the Cross Gauge fills at the bottom of the screen. It can fill to three levels, with various powerful techniques becoming available depending on the gauge's level. These techniques include powerful attacks called Super Combos, defensive moves called Cancels that can interrupt enemy attacks and Cross Arts, which allow both fighters on a team to simultaneously attack. These powerful moves can end a match if pulled off right, but triggering them is difficult. They require complicated button combinations that must be hit with quick precision, and if players become too flustered or overly excited they may fumble and mistime the attack.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in her mind while working.

Street Fighter X Tekken features a wide and varied cast, each character having their own set of special moves and attacks. With over 40 character to choose from (and more coming via DLC), there is an incredible amount of button commands and combinations to memorize. Players are best served to explore the full roster of fighters, then settle on a few character they feel most comfortable using. From there, they must start practicing -- ideally in the game's training mode -- to learn the basic moves of each fighter. To fight effectively, players need to know all the moves their fighters can pull off, and the button commands that must be punched in to trigger them. Once they've got this info down, they'll need to recall it quickly during the heat of the battle. Also, knowing the move-set at your opponent's disposal betters your chances of predicting and avoiding their attacks and maneuvers, so the more characters players memorize, the better. Players that fail to commit a variety of moves and attacks to memory will have a difficult time tackling tougher opponents.

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