Sumi Sumi

Sumi Sumi is a matching game where students pair up adorable Japanese characters to clear the board and earn points. As students advance through the levels of the game, new […]

Two Dots

Two Dots is a puzzle game where you are trying to clear levels by matching dots of the same color together while only being able to move horizontally or vertically. […]

Animal Restaurant

In the game Animal Restaurant, you play a cat without a home who is taken in by Chef Gumi, another cat who wants you to work in his restaurant. Your […]

Monster Hunt

Monster Hunter is a memory game where you flip tiles over to catch different types of monsters. The game begins with four tiles and increases in number as you clear […]

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a game where you, along with Evee run a cafe that serves all different types of Pokemon. In order to make the recipes, you need to […]

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump!

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump puts the student in a town where everyone loves the useless Magikarp. Because these fish are so good at jumping, competitions are held to see which fish […]


Prodigy is a game-based math app where students move through a colorful fantasy world while solving various math puzzles. Students select their grade level (1-8) and then create their own […]

Kiko’s Thinking Time

Kiko’s Thinking Time is an app where children can strengthen core EF Skills: Working Memory, Focus, Flexibility, Spatial Reasoning, and Reasoning. Parents set the app up with the desired skills […]


Memorama is an animal matching game that increases in complexity the longer you play. The game starts out with just two cards and increases in number as you progress. Match […]

Klepto Cats

In this object-collecting game you play a human whose apartment is very bare until your cats begin to bring items home for you to decorate! Take care of your growing […]

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