The Oregon Trail


The Oregon Trail is an adventuring survival game based on the historical trip many settlers took on the road west in the 1800’s. The player selects their party of […]

Card of Darkness


Card of Darkness is an adventure game created by Zach Gage and Pendelton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. You play as the Hero and it is your job […]

Down in Bermuda


Down in Bermuda is a cozy puzzle game where you are helping an elderly stranded aviator named Milton explore and ultimately escape the islands of Bermuda. The player needs […]

The Room 2

The Room 2 is a puzzle game where you, the anonymous player, are being guided along in a series of darkened rooms by a scientist’s mysterious notes. Certain portions of […]



Beholder is a stealth game based on the literary works of George Orwell and Ray Bradbury. You are Carl Stein, a man living in an alternate 1984 where the […]

Bird BnB


Bird BnB is a cozy idle game where you play a bird who runs a Bird Bed and Breakfast with her grandmother. After moving back home with her marketing […]

What the Golf?


Billed as a game for people who “hate golf,” What the Golf takes this traditional sport and turns it on its head. The player navigates through challenges where they […]

SongPop Party


SongPop Party is a music trivia game that can be played alone or with other people. The players are given a few seconds of a song and need to […]

Tiler More


Tiler More is a word creation puzzle game where the player moves through rounds by stacking and combining letters to create words. The game takes place on a 3×3 […]

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