The Sims Mobile


The Sims Mobile takes the beloved life management simulator The Sims and puts it right onto your mobile device. Instead of controlling a whole neighborhood with multiple houses, this […]

Wildlife: America


Wildlife: America is a simulation game where the player works at a wild animal rehab facility and cares for sick and injured animals as they are brought in. The […]

Progress To 100


Progress to 100 is an app that uses the functions of your mobile device to create fun and interesting puzzles for you to solve. You are presented with various […]

Shining Nikki


Shining Nikki is the latest in the Nikki series of dress up role playing games. This time, the game adds 3D elements to its visual novel and play elements […]



Patterned is an Apple Arcade exclusive puzzle game where you are putting the pieces together in a puzzle to create beautiful and unique patterns. When the player chooses a […]

Tiny Crossword


Tiny Crossword is an Apple Arcade game where the player completes crossword puzzles in order to move along through various countries on a map. The clues for each puzzle […]

Pokemon Masters EX


Pokemon Masters EX is a mobile game where you play as a Pokemon trainer who goes on adventures and hopes to compete in the Pokemon Master League. As you […]



Possessions is a 3D puzzle game where the player is constantly shifting perspective by rotating and zooming in and out to place objects within a room. Through 33 different […]

Boggle With Friends


Boggle With Friends is a word game where players try to create as many words as they can within a time limit. They do this by touching the mobile […]

Pet World: My Animal Shelter


Pet World: My Animal Shelter is a simulation game where the player is an intern working at an animal rescue shelter. Animals come into the shelter every day and […]

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