Cozy Grove

LQ: 8.75


Brain grade: 8.6
Fun score: 8.9

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ Platform/Console: , , , , , , LWK Recommended Age: 10+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used: ,

Nintendo Switch iPhone iPad  Steam PS4 Xbox One Xbox Series X/S

Cozy Grove is a management simulation game where the player is on an island helping spirit bears come to terms with their past lives. At the beginning of the game, the player creates their character and then discovers that they are a Spirit Scout whose ship has run aground in Cozy Grove. The island is full of imps, ghosts, and spirit bears, all of whom need help from you. The world of Cozy Grove is colorless and the spirits float around as hazy blue sad entities. 

The player approaches the different bears and learns what can be done to help them out. Some bears want you to find lost items, some want clothing items, and some want you to help others. When the player receives a task from a bear, they need to wander through the areas of the island they have access to in order to find the items they need to complete the task. Some tasks might involve fishing, digging, cooking, or chopping vines. Completing tasks for the bears increases your relationship with them and colors both them and the area around them.This will also open up new areas for you to explore with new bears to meet and new tasks to complete. The goal of the game is to bring color back to Cozy Grove and to help the bears that inhabit the island find peace. 

Cozy Grove helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Planning: Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals. 

In order to complete the tasks that the different bears ask for your help with, the player needs to plan out what they are going to do before diving in. Some tasks require you to complete multiple steps and some tasks require you to wait some time for resources to replenish. The player needs to know what they are setting out to do and make sure they have the necessary materials in order to complete the task without needing to return to their home base multiple times. 

Organization: Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

In the game, the player has a limited amount of inventory space, so organization is very important. Your home base can also hold some items but that space is also limited. The player needs to have their items organized, especially when they are setting out to complete a task for a spirit bear. If they do not stay organized, they may find that they do not have enough of an item or left it back at the home base. This will cause the task to take longer than necessary. The player also needs to keep track of the amount of money that they have because certain items for tasks will need to be purchased. 

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