Cribbage With Grandpas


Cribbage With Grandpas is a sweet mobile game where you play cribbage with a grandpa of your own creation. The player can create several different grandpas and then call […]

Daring Dungeoneer


Daring Dungeoneer is an app-based card game where you are a dungeon crawler looking for treasure, defeating enemies, and interacting with a bunch of treasure chest mimics who help […]

Forest Home


Forest Home is a maze-like puzzle game where the player needs to guide a group of cute forest critters back to their homes. The player does this by clicking […]



Inbento is a strategic puzzle game where the player is putting together bento boxes by manipulating pieces of food to match the picture shown in a recipe book. The […]



Tetris is the classic puzzle game where the player places several different shapes called Tetriminos on the board in an attempt to eliminate rows and earn points. The player […]

Thirteen and Half Cats


  Thirteen and Half Cats is a game where you play as a nameless girl witch who is trying to find out who she is. After encountering another witch, […]



Piffle is a fun puzzle game where the player uses small round cats called Piffles to break blocks and earn points. The game starts when your character, a human, […]

Total Eggscape


Total Eggscape is a jumping platform game where the player is a chicken who lays eggs to rise higher and higher on the screen. While the chicken is rising, […]

Otter Ocean


Otter Ocean is a game where the player rescues a group of otters after a hurricane and works together with them to clean the ocean and find more of […]

Word Trip


Word Trip is a word search puzzle game that takes the player on a visual tour around the world. The game has a wheel of letters and the player […]

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