Kitty Letter

LQ: 9.65


Brain grade: 9.5
Fun score: 9.8

Game Type: , , ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 10+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used: ,

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Kitty Letter is a new game from the creator of the popular web comic The Oatmeal. It is a word creation game with a twist. You are the owner of a wonderful home and all you want to do is peacefully make trout casserole and live your best life. However, a new neighbor has moved in across the street and he has brought tons of exploding kittens with him. These kittens wander into your yard and explode, leaving you without the peace and quiet you enjoy. The only answer is for you to send out your own exploding kittens to counteract his and do damage to his home as well. 

The player sends out kittens by making words on a word wheel. The wheel has letters on it and the player touches a letter and then drags their finger to the next letters until a word is created. The kittens coming into your yard have a specific letter associated with them, meaning that in order to take them down, you need to make a word beginning with that particular letter. There are also in-game bonuses and traps that you can use by making certain words like palindromes. 

Kitty Letter has a story mode but you can also play the game in Arcade fashion, where you are just trying to survive as long as possible against an onslaught of kittens. There are also multiplayer modes where you can play against a friend or a randomly chosen person online. 

Kitty Letter is a free game but certain features like costumes and custom avatars require in-app purchases. It is available now on iOS and Android.  

Kitty Letter helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Flexibility: Coping with unpredictability. 

The options in the letter wheel change several times within each game so the player never knows what letter combinations they will be able to make until the letters appear. Furthermore, each level in the story mode of Kitty Letter features additional setbacks and bonuses, requiring the player to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. Sometimes you will try to spell words to acquire vacuums to run over your neighbor’s exploding kittens while other times you will be battling illness in your own stomach as you recover from the “fish flu.” 

Multiplayer modes also feature unpredictability because you do not know the level of skill your opponent has. The player must do their best to have the best score when their opponent and the letters they need to use are all unknowns. For players who struggle with flexibility, playing through the story mode before taking on real life players will help them get used to how the game works and provide a certain level of comfort with the rules. 


Time Management: Working under pressure.

Once the round begins, exploding kittens will continually be moving towards your house. If you do not spell words correctly and fast enough, those cats will reach your house and explode, dealing you damage. Take enough damage and you lose the game. The player needs to work under pressure and stay calm enough to spell out words at a fast pace in order to not only defend their home but to defeat their neighbor as well. Players who struggle with time management should play through the story mode before taking on real life players or playing in arcade mode because the first few levels will be easier and allow the player to feel confident in what they need to do to win. 

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