Too Many Cooks

LQ: 9.23


Brain grade: 9.2
Fun score: 9.25

Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

iPhone iPad Android


Too Many Cooks is a tap game where the user is a chef preparing made-to-order menu items for hungry customers. The player clicks on the food item button to scroll through the options of food. When they locate the item that the customer requested they drag it to preparation items such as cutting boards, pots, grills, etc. Plates also need to be washed by putting them into the sink. When the food is prepared, the player drags the item over to the customer. When they have finished eating, the customer is replaced with another. This process repeats until the timer runs out. The player then receives a score based on how many customers they served and how efficiently they were able to work. 

Players can use the experience they earn in the kitchen to upgrade their tools and customize their chef’s appearance. Upgrading tools and completing challenges unlocks new types of cuisine, from burgers to pizza to soups. 

Too Many Cooks can be played solo or with a multiplayer function with up to six players and an online function where you can play with up to two other chefs from around the world. 

Too Many Cooks is free to play but in-app purchases are available. It is available now on iOS and Android. 

Too Many Cooks helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Focus: Increasing efficiency. 

The success of your kitchen in Too Many Cooks is based on how quickly and efficiently you are able to serve your customers. Players need to use their focusing skills to pay attention to what the customers are asking for, what ingredients they need to work with, and what steps need to be taken to prepare the item. For players who struggle with focus, sticking with the earlier levels and gaining some confidence in the kitchen can be a way to practice becoming more efficient before more complex levels are unlocked. 

Time Management: Working under pressure. 

Too Many Cooks has a time limit in which the player needs to try and serve as many customers as possible. This means that there is a deadline and if the player does not finish serving a customer, they will not get experience and might not level up. The player needs to use their time management skills to work under pressure and complete tasks without getting frustrated or anxious about the time limit. For players who struggle with this skill, games like Too Many Cooks are a way to practice this skill while still having some fun at the same time.

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