Push Sushi


Push Sushi is an adorable puzzle game where the player is a sushi chef trying to get one special order out to the customer. In order to do this, […]

Evo Pop


Evo Pop is a physics-based puzzle game where you control a small cube-like creature called an Evo. The player multiplies and grows their Evos in an attempt to overtake […]

Donut County


Donut County is a physics-based puzzle game where you control a hole that grows as you consume objects. The game centers around Donut County, where raccoons have moved in […]

Wordscapes Search


Wordscapes Search is a crossword puzzle game where the player uses their finger to highlight words from various categories on a board of letters. The words can be vertical, […]

Word Lanes


Word Lanes is a word search puzzle game where the player needs to navigate through a board of letters to find answers to given clues. Unlike a traditional crossword […]

Go Slice

Go Slice is a puzzle game where you are trying to guide small pixelated characters to an end goal by cutting up slices of paper to fill in gaps or […]

Kuukiyomi: Consider It!


Kuukiyomi: Consider It! is a Japanese game where you are asked to perform actions in a variety of bizarre situations. Kuukiyomi means to “read the room,” and determine the […]

Fruit Ninja 2


Fruit Ninja 2 is the second installment of the Fruit Ninja series. It contains the elements of the original game while adding some fun new elements to keep the […]

Kami 2

Kami 2 is a relaxing puzzle game where vibrant colors and shapes combine with soothing music to create an overall calming experience. The player is presented with a board covered […]

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