Super Mario Run

LQ: 8.8


Brain grade: 8.2
Fun score: 9.4

Game Type: , ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 5+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Android iPhone iPad

In this mobile infinite runner addition to the classic Mario Bros. franchise, Bowser has returned to the Mushroom Kingdom in hopes to kidnap Princess Peach and rule the land once again. Players need to help Mario save her and defeat the Koopa King by maneuvering him through each level and helping him jump past various obstacles. Super Mario Run players can tap the screen at appropriate moments to have Mario jump, with the height of the jump determined by how long the player holds their finger on the screen. Other moves such as wall jumping are determined by the timing of the tapping on the screen. 

Throughout the levels, the player can also collect coins which are used for purchasing and upgrading items for the castle that Bowser destroyed. The player can also take part in other games such as Remix 10, a game which throws ten short levels at the player in an attempt to unlock other characters and rescue Princess Daisy. There is also a Rally mode available, where the player competes against another in-game character to see whose approach to the level is the most stylish and who gathered the most coins. 

Super Mario Run is available on iOS and Android. It is free to play but certain features require in-app purchases. 


Super Mario Run helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Focus: Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Super Mario Run places players in the unique position of manipulating Mario rather than controlling him. Choosing when and how high Mario jumps at key points in each level means players aren't constantly interacting with the game and focus becomes even more important. And because it's important to recognize how high or far Mario needs to jump, with different tapping combinations and strategies resulting in different jumps, focusing on just the right moment (the apex of a jump or the moment Mario makes contact with a wall) makes the difference when it comes to surviving in ever-moving levels and recognizing dangers as they come.

Flexibility: Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations. 

Super Mario Run is not played in the same way as many other Mario games the user might be accustomed to. The player has limited input to control Mario so they need to practice their flexibility skills and adapt to this new way of controlling the character. Even though the player is not controlling the forward movement of Mario, they still need to see when to adjust their play style by slightly tapping the screen or holding for a longer jump. The Remix 10 games are also a good way to practice flexibility because the player needs to adapt very quickly to short levels that are all different from one another. 

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