Mini-Guide: The Little Fox

The Little Fox is a runner-style game, with a hexagonal-shaped grid and beautiful graphics. The player controls a fox and must turn it left and right to gather gems, avoid […]

Mini-Guide: Forest Home

Forest Home is a puzzle game with cute forest characters and an occasional goblin boss. Each level has a grid with a varying number of squares. The player draws paths […]

Mini-Guide: Sunbirds

In Sunbirds the player taps and holds on the screen to make a bird rise, fall, and glide against the backdrop of a beautiful sky. The player must avoid obstacles […]

Mini-Guide: Faraway Series

The Faraway Series is a series of mystery puzzle app games. The player is an adventurer exploring the ruins of ancient temples. The temples are set in a different environment […]

Mini-Guide: Food Conga

Food Conga takes a bit of road crossing genre,  mixed with cooking genre, and a dash of cute graphics. The player receives an “order”–such as two hot dogs and two French fries. […]

Mini-Guide: Mr. Crab 2

Mr. Crab 2 combines running and jumping and is done mostly on a path that rises and curves in a spiral. The player controls Mr. Crab as he avoids creatures, […]

Mini-Guide: Guardians of Ancora

Guardians of Ancora is a platform game about the Bible. The player controls a guardian of Ancora. As a guardian, the player must gather light and scrolls in game levels […]

Mini-Guide: Don’t Trip

Don’t Trip is a walking simulator where the player’s fingers control shoes and rotating the phone controls where the shoes are moving. Along the way the player will have to […]

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