Rilakkuma Farm

Rilakkuma Farm is a game where San-X characters inherit a rundown farm and work together to fix it up and make yummy treats for the residents of the town. The […]

Hide and Seek: Cat Escape!

In the game Hide and Seek: Cat Escape you play a miniature version of a girl who is trying to eat the delicious treats that are on the table. However, […]

Element Flow

Element Flow is an open-thought puzzle game where the player combines different elements to create new ones. The game moves through several levels where puzzles become more nebulous and players […]


Brawhalla is a free-to-play multi-level fighting game in the same vein as Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers. The player controls one of 40 over-the-top legends to use, each with their own […]

Color Zen Redux

Color Zen (also known as Color Zen Redux) is a relaxing puzzle game where the player listens to ambient music while solving puzzles that look like pieces of modern art. […]

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 is a free-to-play racing game and is the 9th installment in the Asphalt series.  In the game, the player controls various cars to navigate through courses from all […]


CrushStations is a memory game where you are attempting to save small sea creatures from the grasp of an evil hungry octopus. The sea creatures are located in bubbles […]

Sumikko Gurashi Farm

Sumikko Gurashi Farm is a game that features the san-x characters called Sumikko Gurashi. The game starts with a short story about the characters going to a small abandoned farm […]

Chicken Scream

Chicken Scream is a unique game where the player uses their voice to control their character, a chicken, as they navigate various puzzles. The level of volume directly affects how […]

Magic Cross Stitch: Color Pixel Art

Magic Cross Stitch: Color Pixel Art is a game where players can choose a pattern and “stitch” a pattern by clicking on certain numbered squares. Like a paint-by-numbers app, […]

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