Beat Blade: Dash Dance

LQ: 9.7


Brain grade: 9.6
Fun score: 9.8

Game Type: , ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

iPhone iPad Android


Beat Blade is a rhythm game set in a neon-drenched world. The player controls an on-screen avatar as they run along a rail. As the player runs a song will begin to play and obstacles will appear. Some obstacles you can slash with your sword; these will make a noise in time with the music playing. Other obstacles will need to be avoided, such as layers of spikes. The player must swipe right and left with their finger to move their avatar back and forth across the screen, attempting to make it to the end of the song while slashing through as many orb obstacles as possible. The game features songs in Easy, Normal, and Hard levels so players can choose whatever options feels most appropriate for them. The game also features a free-play and story mode, so there are multiple options for how to experience the gameplay as well. 

Beat Blade is free to play but certain items such as songs, skins, and ad-free play throughs require an in-app purchase. Beat Blade is available now for iOS and Android. 


Beat Blade helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Time Management: Working under pressure. 

As soon as each round begins in Beat Blade, the player is moving quickly forward along a determined path. They must hit the orbs and avoid the obstacles while constantly moving forward. There is no ability to stop, pause, or slow down. This means that the player needs to be able to work under pressure and make decisions while constantly moving forward. For players who struggle with working under pressure, they may find that it takes too long for them to make a decision and they run into an obstacle and need to begin again. To get better at this skill in the game, these players should start with Easy level songs to build up their confidence before jumping into Normal or Hard versions, even if they like those songs better. Starting on Easy mode will allow the player to get some practice and become comfortable with the motions of the game before tackling harder levels. 

Flexibility: Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Each round of Beat Blade is different because they are based on the beats of the songs that play within them. This, as well as the difficulty setting, changes the number of orbs to slash as well as the number of obstacles which need to be avoided. Depending on the difficulty of the song, the player may need to evaluate these new obstacles quicker with less time to make decisions. Players must always be looking ahead at their next move without becoming too relaxed with any patterns they may notice. For players who struggle with flexibility, this may be difficult because there is constant adaptation necessary to complete the levels. To practice this skill, players should try playing songs in Easy mode first. Also, while in Easy mode, players should try to look just slightly in front of their character to see the field in front of them. They should then be able to see one or two moves ahead of them and adjust their movements accordingly. 

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