Mazement is a type of adventure/puzzle game where users use their smartphones or tablets to guide a ball through a labyrinth course


Calm is a mediation app that helps kids practice good Focus and Self-Control skills, and may be of aid to children affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Executive Functioning and ADHD in Children

ADHD has been increasingly identified as a disorder of executive functioning (brain-based self-management skills such as working memory, flexibility, organization and self-control) by experts such as Russell Barkley, Ph.D., […]

Angry Birds Playground: How Rovio Is Using Games in the Classroom

Angry Birds Playground is an innovative effort on the part of Rovio — publisher of hit games such as Bad Piggies, Amazing Alex and the aforementioned Angry Birds — to bring […]

10 Helpful Apps for Children With Special Needs

Parents of children with learning disabilities and other special needs know better than anyone that all children do not learn the same. From language difficulties stemming from dyslexia, to attention issues […]

ADHD Strategies: Video Games and Kids with ADHD

Parents of children with ADHD hear a lot of conflicting reports on the topic of video games and ADHD. While some recent research has found that certain action-based games can […]

LW4K Picks: Best Apps for Improving Focus Skills

Focus is an important skill to develop for both academic and professional life. Individuals with strong focus skills are able to begin work on a complex tasks without procrastination and […]

Top 5 Organization Apps for Kids

Organization is one of the most important skills for success both in and out of the classroom. Students who are able to keep their materials and resources organized find large […]

LW4K Picks: Best Apps for Organization

Organization is a crucial skill for both a successful academic career and future employment. Individuals who have strong organization skills are often able to more readily juggle numerous projects and […]

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Parenting has always been hard, and while technology is supposed to make our lives easier, sometimes just trying to understand the technologies your children are using (or that they should […]