LW4K Picks: Best Apps for Improving Focus Skills

Focus is an important skill to develop for both academic and professional life. Individuals with strong focus skills are able to begin work on a complex tasks without procrastination and maintain their level of effort and attention for the duration of the task. For students, good focus can mean the difference between good study habits and poor test grades, or well-taken notes and a distracted learning. Luckily, there are plenty of ways your child can start improving the focus thinking skill right now using some of today’s best apps.

The following apps can help improve everything from concentration and sustained attention to applied effort and task initiation.

Our Top Picks for the Best Apps for Improving Focus Skills:


FindMe is an app made specifically for young children with autism. The app aims to help children who often have difficulty in social situations because they are unable to distinguish body language and facial expressions. Users are tasked with locating familiar human features within various environments containing a variety of possible distractions. As users progress and the level of complexity increases, users will need to exercise a higher level of focus. Find out more in our FindMe app review.


See.Touch.Learn. is an advanced take on the flash card teaching and studying method. The app comes equipped with numerous flashcard sets designed to help students brush up on previously learned material or gain an introduction to a new topic. The lessons can be customized to meet the needs of each specific users, allowing tailored length and difficulty to maximize each individual’s focus for the duration of each study session. Parents can gradually increase difficulty and complexity over time, helping their child to increase the strength of the focus thinking skill incrementally. Get more information in our See.Touch.Learn. app review.

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Scholastic-Reading-TimerScholastic Reading Timer:

The Scholastic Reading Timer is a utility app that allows parents and students to monitor the amount of time dedicated to reading, store reading lists, and receive weekly reports on a child’s progress. Students will exercise focus when working toward reaching their reading goals and maintaing their attention during each reading session. The app makes it easy to set temporal goals and dedicate the necessary amount of attention and effort in order for those goals to be met. Uncover more in our Scholastic Reading Timer review.


MonkeyThinks is an app intended for younger children to improve vocabulary and help associate images of objects with their correct names and pronunciations. Children are shown a cartoon depiction of an image and must pronounce the name of the object out loud. Voice recognition software built in to the app will determine if a child has correctly identified and pronounced the name of the object. To gain the most from this app, children will need to remain focused and attentive, as the app only allows one or two wrong answers before moving on to the next object. Discover more in our MonkeyThinks app review.

Typing Instructor for KidsTyping Instructor for Kids:

Typing Instructor for Kids is a robust program intended to teach users correct and efficient typing techniques. The program utilizes a series of instructional tasks and mini-games that teach users the correct way to use a keyboard. Not only can the program improve typing speed and efficiency, but it also teaches users to exercise the focus thinking skill while they learn new reaches and how to copy text without looking at the keyboard. Find out more in our Typing Instructor for Kids review.

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