Setting Limits: When a Play Diet Isn’t Working

Use this excellent listing of tools to limit access and time to technology. These are particularly helpful when kids refuse to stop playing or may be using technology inappropriately.

Setting Limits: Use a Play Diet to Limit Screen Time

In my work as a child clinical neuropsychologist, I field questions about how to help children with ADHD who tend to become overly focused on screen-based technologies. Parents whose children […]

Setting Limits: Limiting Children’s Screen Time Through Curation

What if you thought of yourself as the custodian of your child’s entertainment library? Curating, or choosing, the type of content your children can access is one approach to limiting […]

Setting Limits: 7 Steps Toward Limiting Screen Time

In an ideal world kids and adults alike would always choose to engage in healthy play and leisure activities. The need for limiting screen time and helping kids recognize that […]

Setting Limits: How to limit kids’ video game and technology use

I am a child clinical psychologist, and while my five children might argue that you could find better advice elsewhere (I do know that they love me, anyway), the parents […]

How can coaching build executive functions?

Does your child forget to do her homework, misplace her books, rush out of the house in the morning without her lunch, or get distracted when telling you about her […]

Should Video Games Be an Alternative Medication for ADHD?

This June, at the annual Games for Health conference in Boston Massachusetts, the team at LearningWorks for Kids presented our findings on the health benefits of video games […]

Innovative Strategies to Improve Executive Functions

Does your child frequently forget to bring home homework assignments or lose his or her train of thought when describing their school day to you?

Sprint’s Neurodiversity ID Pack Overview: Key Apps for Alternative Learners

Sprint’s Neurodiversity ID pack is a bundle of apps and online resources covering a variety of educational and developmental concerns for families and children with learning disabilities. The 23 Android apps included […]

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