LW4K Picks: Best Apps for Organization

best apps for organization

Organization is a crucial skill for both a successful academic career and future employment. Individuals who have strong organization skills are often able to more readily juggle numerous projects and deadlines at the same time, are more likely to meet deadlines and goals, and are able to quickly and effectively locate resources and materials required for a project. For students, good organization can mean learning to keep separate notebooks for each subject, organizing homework in color-coded folders, or tracking due dates for projects in a weekly planner. Developing good organization skills takes time, practice, and an understanding of which methods and strategies are most effective for getting and staying organized. The apps below help kids set a foundation for good organizational skills, allowing your child to develop basic techniques for better organization.

The following apps are useful for a wide range of ages and can help users do everything from tracking important dates and deadlines, to keeping notes and information orderly, to teaching children how to clean their room.

Our Top Picks for the Best Apps for Organization:



iTunes is Apple’s default media organization program for home computers and mobile devices. Users can use iTunes to organize and catalogue enormous music libraries, playlists, ebooks, apps, and a host of other useful information which can be used on computer or synced to any apple mobile device. This program is a great way to help children keep an ever-expanding library of digital media organized and up to date. Find out more in our iTunes review.


Put it Away:

Put It Away

Put It Away is an interactive app that can help teach young children or children with symptoms of autism how to properly clean and organize a variety of common environments. Whether teaching children to associate different objects with their real world uses, or instructing a class on how to clean up arts and crafts supplies, Put It Away can be a useful tool for exercising and strengthening the Organization thinking skill. Use the app to create scenarios using pictures of your own home or classroom and insert objects that your children encounter on a daily basis for the best results. Uncover more in our Put It Away review.


Google Calendar:

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is software available from nearly any computer or mobile device that allows a single user or a group of users to create and maintain a digital calendar of events. Keeping track of upcoming assignments, obligations, or important appointments through Google Calendar can help users to keep a hectic and busy life organized. The program can be synced across multiple devices or shared with a group to ensure that everyone in the family, class, or workplace can stay organized and on the same page. Find out more in our Google Calendar review.




Delicious is a web-based bookmarking site that allows users to easily save, track, tag, and share their favorite locations from around the web. Users can save favorite recipes, informative websites, funny cartoons, or any other media found across the web for easy access and sharing later. With such a vast amount of information available on both home computers and the internet, Delicious can be a great way to keep users’ internet lives in order. Get more information in our Delicious review.




YouNote! is a unique and creative take on traditional note-taking apps. This app allows users to take notes using a variety of different methods, ensuring learners of all different types can stay organized. Users who benefit from learning visually can take advantage of YouNote!’s ability to take notes using hand-drawn images. For those who learn better from auditory cues, this app also allows users to take voice recorded notes. Notes can be tagged and sorted for easy access later. This app can be extremely helpful for keeping track of important information from at school, home, or the workplace. Discover more in our YouNote! review.

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