Can Kids Learn From Minecraft?

Have you ever told your child it’s time to stop playing video games and been met with an argument like, “But I’m learning so much from playing this game!”?

Well, […]

Why Is Minecraft So Appealing to Children With ADHD?

My work as a child clinical psychologist has sparked my interest about how children interact with video games, apps, and other technologies. Over the past 20 years, I have conducted […]

Minecraft Videos – What to Watch?

Have you noticed that your child is playing less Minecraft and watching more Minecraft videos?

A recent post by Jordan Shapiro in Forbes describes his discomfort with the time his […]

Games Like Minecraft

Does your child love Minecraft? He is certainly not an outlier. Minecraft is so popular that it has infiltrated school curriculums, whole YouTube channels are devoted to it, and even […]


What is LearningWorks for Kids? At LearningWorks for Kids we go far beyond simply reviewing the latest games and apps being sold as “educational” in the app store and online. [...]

What’s so great about LEGO City: Undercover?

If you have a Wii U game console and a child who loves everything LEGO, chances are you’re familiar with — or already own — the much-talked about LEGO City: […]


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Setting Limits: Where do I start?

“How often should I let my child play video games?” This might be the most common question I am asked. As a child clinical psychologist, I became very interested in […]

Setting Limits: Screen Time and the Individual Child

“One size doesn’t fit all.” When it comes to setting screen time limits, this is very true. Some kids are not interested enough in technology to make it a concern […]

Setting Limits: Limiting Screen Time by Scheduling

There are set times for school, sports practices, and after-school programs. It’s not so odd to start scheduling game time as well. Scheduling is one of the most common methods […]