Magoosh English

Magoosh English is an app for students learning English as a second language. The app provides helpful articles surrounding various topics such as “Good Games for Practicing Your English” and […]


Peak is an app to strengthen various Executive Functioning, Verbal, and Physical skills through gameplay. After taking a brief assessment the app will provide games for you to play based […]

Flashcard Machine

The Flashcard Machine app is a way for students to create custom flashcards for all of their classes and keep them in one convenient place. Students can load pre-made decks […]

Habit Minder

Habit Minder is an app that allows the user to set daily, weekly and monthly goals and chart their progress. The app gives goal suggestions in various categories such as […]

Study Stack

Study Stack is a flashcard app where students can play games while memorizing information. Create your own custom flashcards and then Study Stack will test students on this information with […]


Freedom is an app for students who might need more assistance managing their screen diets. After you have checked off all desired apps or genres of app, set the timer […]


Lumosity is an app where you play various games to strengthen a variety of thinking skills. You begin by playing three short games that provide a starting point. At the […]

Socratic by Google

Socratic is an app made by Google where students can input homework questions and receive quality resources to help them understand the content. Students can take a picture of their […]

My Study Life

My Study Life allows a student to keep track of their entire school schedule in one app. Students set up their classes by entering subject names, teachers, classrooms and times, […]

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