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Brain grade: 9.1
Fun score: 9.3

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Productive is a tracking app that is designed to motivate the user to form new positive habits and stick with them. When the user opens the app, they can choose from a list of pre-made habits or create one of their own. Pre-made habits are broken down into several categories so the user can easily sort through them and choose any that apply to their goals. 

After choosing a habit, the user writes a note to themselves to clarify what they want their new habit to look like. For example, if their new habit is to drink more water, the notes section allows them to specify “I want to drink more water instead of soda or fruit juice each day.” The app then asks them to choose a visual icon and color to represent the habit as well as log how often the app will track for this habit. The user can even set an end date if the habit is something temporary, such as studying each day leading up to final exams. 

To track a habit, the user simply swipes left on the habit title and records their progress with a check mark. There are other options that are more specific; for example, the user could track the number of glasses of water they have had, or how many times they read that day. To skip the habit for the day, the user simply swipes right instead. 

Productive also features community challenges for users who want a little extra boost of support. These challenges are pre-made and the user can join in on them by clicking on the challenge, reading what it is about, and then clicking the yellow Join Challenge button at the bottom of the page. These challenges are timed but new ones are released often, leading the user to try something new every week or so. 

Productive is free to use but certain features require in-app purchases. It is available now on iOS and Android.

Productive helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Planning: Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

In order to successfully form or break a habit, the user needs to be able to plan out how they will approach this task. Apps like Productive can help the user plan out their habits by allowing them to write them down, organize them into color-coded categories, and set push notifications to remind them to stay on track even during the busiest of days. The app also shows them the number of days in the month they have stayed on course, allowing them to reflect and plan for the rest of the month ahead. 

Participating in weekly challenges can also help with planning skills. If the user knows they have exactly seven days to participate in a challenge, it can help them to plan out the following week with a goal in mind. For users who struggle with planning, taking one challenge at a time and reflecting on how they felt about it can help practice planning without becoming too overwhelming too quickly. 

Self-Control: Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

Habit tracking apps are a great way to work on self-control. Habits can be difficult to maintain if the user is not tracking them in some way. Productive allows for easy tracking by swiping left and then selecting the checkmark or a more specific number. They can then check their statistics over time to reflect on the progress they have made. It can also allow the user to see what areas need improvement and what habits are now fully established and no longer need to be tracked. The challenges in the app can also help with self-control because the user is working on a short-term goal with other people who are all focusing on the same target. For users who struggle with managing their actions, starting slow with a small habit and making sure to open the app every day to track their progress will help to build up this skill. 

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