GEIST is an app that features both brain-training exercises and mindfulness exercises. The user signs up for the app, takes a short survey on what they would like to […]



Mindpal is a brain-training app that customizes your learning goals with fun games and status reports. When initially opening the app, the user specifies what areas of brain training […]



HOMER is an early-learning app that tailors reading, writing, math, and creativity activities to your child’s individual interests. After purchasing the app, you can set up accounts for each […]

Crayola Scribble Pets


Crayola Scribble Pets is a pet care simulator where the user can decorate, feed, bathe, and photograph a variety of fantastical creatures. The Scribble Pets are a series of […]

Lessons in Herstory


Lessons in Herstory is an app that is designed to introduce the reader to women who have been traditionally left out of history books and classes. The creators state […]



Poesie is an app where the user can access a new poem each day. The poems range in age, complexity, and topic so each day is a new way […]

Highlights Shapes


Highlights Shapes is an educational app for young children who are just starting to learn about different shapes and colors. The app uses fun games to teach children about […]



Duo ABC is an ap from the makers of Duolingo that is specifically geared towards helping young children learn their ABC’s. The app asks the parent to select their […]

WWF Together


WWF Together is an app that takes the user on a guided journey through the lives of several different threatened or endangered species of animal. The user clicks on […]

Archaeologist: Jurassic Life


Archaeologist: Jurassic Life is an app for young children to start learning about the life of a paleontologist while digging up and putting together their own dinosaur skeletons. The […]

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