Miso Social TV

Miso Social TV is a social-media app designed to allow users to track and share their television and movie consumption.


ClipChat is a video-chatting app designed to allow users to send short personalized video clips to friends and family members via an internet or mobile connection.


Story┬áis an app created by Disney that allows users to tell their own stories using a series of images, videos, captions, and prose-like journal entries. Think of story as a […]


Quilt is an real time scrap booking app that where users can connect with friends.


Path is a social media app with strict privacy settings. Users tend to use the app within their close circles of friends to keep abreast of everyone’s activity


Celtx desktop software is designed to help writers create, organize, structure, and format screenplays.

Todo Pro

Todo Pro is a highly functional task list app that helps with project management, individual tasks, and general organization.

History Here

History Here is an interactive mobile app developed by the History Channel that allows users have access to a library of documented local historic sites.


Glympse is a free app that allows users to digitally and safely share their locations.

Miss Spell’s Class

Miss Spell’s Class is an app that aims to make users better spellers, identified as helpful for improving Flexibility and Working Memory skills.

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