First Then Visual Schedule

First Then Visual Schedule is an image-based organizational app that breaks down common household activities and daily routines into simple step-by-step processes. The app lets users snap photos using their […]


HabitRPG is a website and mobile app for tracking kids’ habits. Users create a profile, add general habits, goals and daily tasks, and earn virtual points and gold for positive […]


Focus@Will is a music and soundscape app that provides users with auditory backgrounds that aim to help them stay focused while they work.


Elevate is an iOS and Android app where users take part in a series of fast-paced tests and quizzes targeted specifically at improving memory, focus, reading comprehension, and writing. Users […]


Photoblend is a picture editing app for iOS that allows users to superimpose two separate images into a single photograph.


Prezi is a design-centric take on the Microsoft Powerpoint presentation tool.


Snapchat is a social app for sharing brief image and video messages that expire soon after users send them.


PicLab is one of the more robust free photo editing apps with a seemingly endless supply of editing options from framing, text edits, exposure, brightness, color, and saturation, as well as nearly 20 different filters.

Meet Heckerty

Meet Heckerty¬†is an engaging reading app designed specifically for younger readers. Heckerty, a tough-luck witch and her cat Zanzibar, take readers through their journey, in an interactive and colorful narrative. […]

We Heart It

We Heart It is an photo and meme sharing app similar in aesthetic and functionality to Pinterest and Tumblr

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