LQ: 9.1


Brain grade: 9.4
Fun score: 8.8

Platform/Console: , , , , , LWK Recommended Age: 8+ Thinking Skills Used: , , Academic Skills Used: ,

Celtx desktop software is designed to help writers create, organize, structure, and format creative writing. While it is specifically geared towards the creation of screenplays, it can also help kids write their own short plays to perform. The desktop screenwriting software is available in both free and paid versions, with the latter offering more options and tools for mobile devices. Users can craft correctly formatted film scripts using the organizational tools and options included with Celtx. From formatting scene headings, characters, and stage directions, to keeping track of notes, individual scenes, and even a title page, Celtx offers options for any writer from amateurs to professionals. Screenplays, which require a great amount of organization and formatting, are made easier with Celtx as users can focus on the most important elements of any draft: story and dialogue. The screenwriting software is simple, easy to use, and is available for both OSX and Windows. Celtx is recommended to any user ages 6 and up.



Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Celtx 1Screenwriting requires a significant amount of structure and organization. From scene headings to stage directions, developing a screenplay often requires as much technical construction as creativity. Users must be able to organize the dialogue of individual scenes as well as scenes in the overall story. Keeping track of characters, actions, settings, and other important information relative to creating a fully developed screenplay. Celtx can help users keep their materials organized while also properly formatting the different elements that make up a well-made screenplay.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Writing a screenplay requires users to develop and plan the individual scenes and dialogue to convey their story. From determining in which order to present important facts, details, and events, to deciding on relevant settings and developing characters users must approach the task of completing any screen play with a predetermined strategy. Celtx offers some additional tools for planning and organizing screenplays including inserting notes and "index cards" to keep track of important ideas and information. Users can utilize these tools to prepare a strategy and plan to aid in telling their story coherently.


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

Writing screenplays requires users to utilize the Self-Awareness thinking skill in a number of ways. A convincing screenplay often relies on the writer's ability to be an informed source of information. Users can benefit from writing about subjects and locations with which they are familiar or personally interested in. Understanding one's own boundaries, areas of expertise, or acquiring more knowledge in a particularly interesting subject area are all great ways to exercise the Self-Awareness thinking skill. Additionally, users must be able to consider the perspective of their audience when creating a polished screenplay. Understanding how to convey details, plot points, and character emotions all require users to consider alternative points of view in comparison to their own point of view. Users will learn to consider their own perspective in comparison to both their characters' and the audience's.

Reading & Writing

Users will exercise essential reading and writing skills while creating screenplays in Celtx. Whether writing convincing dialogue, or researching locations and events to craft a more accurate story, users will exercise and improve their reading and writing skills. Screenplays require users to practice writing dialogue, write short and succinct stage directions, and organize their ideas effectively. Users can also practice reading dialogue when working to edit their screenplay, or while rehearsing their written scenes with friends or family.

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