Flipagram is an interactive social photo album, where users can choose pictures from their Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as their personal camera roll.


Winston is a off-shoot of the Siri app, where users can receive a personalized aggregated list of all types of narrated news stories

Glide – Video Texting

While video messaging apps are sometimes frowned upon for providing a vehicle for inappropriate content, there is no denying their usefulness as communication aids.¬†Glide, for example, acts like a visual […]

Bloxy World. Bricks for Kids

Bloxy World. Bricks for Kids is a great outlet for users to express their creativity where they use an unlimited supply of 3 dimensional lego blocks, users create a world of custom block structures.


Timewinder’s is an app that allows users the unique ability to create a schedule in which there are a series of interval alarms.


Quip is a word processing app and document editor in which all work can be made collaborative among a variety of users.


Feedly isa news aggregation app that provides an organized and personalized feed of online news sources.


Pixplit allows user to build their collages together with a variety different presentation and “splitting” options from which users can choose to customize how they want their photo to be cut and cropped


Pulse is a new app where users can choose which types of news they would like to receive from an library of categories like “lifestyle,” “news,” and “entertainment.”

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