Inkflow is a note taking app for visual thinkers. Using a the index finger or a stylus, users write, draw, and and sketch, notes or reminders like they would on a sheet of notebook paper.


Geomaster is an educational app designed to help users become more familiar with geography.


Pocket is an application available across a large variety of platforms that allows users to store, sort, and share digital content from the web.


StumbleUpon is a fun website for discovering new things on the web. Users hit the “Stumble” button, and are connected to a web resource that could be anything from an article on the latest scientific discovery, to a YouTube video of a sneezing panda!

Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is a photo collage app that allows users to organize photos in a variety of creative ways, adjusting color,¬†cropping images¬†and combining photos before sharing them with friends and […]

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a radio streaming app that allows users to listen thousands of news, music, sports, and entertainment radio stations from around the world.


Rhapsody is a music streaming and downloading service that allows users to browse an enormous database of albums and artists from a computer or mobile device.


SoundHound is a music recognition app that allows users to discern the artist and lyrics to their favorite songs.


Flipboard is a social media aggregation app that pulls newsworthy stories from a variety of social media and news-reporting sites and services, combining them into a personalized, magazine style display.


Rdio is a music streaming application for personal computers and mobile devices. Users can search for specific artists, albums, or songs as well as browse the application’s popular and trending music.

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