Miso Social TV

LQ: 7.7


Brain grade: 7.5
Fun score: 7.9

Miso Social TV - Educational App Review
Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Miso Social TV is a social-media app designed to allow users to track and share their television and movie consumption. Users have an enormous variety of current and past television shows, which can be tracked by individual episodes. The app’s movie selection spans across numerous genres, from old classics to hot new releases. Users earn points and “badges” for consuming new media and sharing it with friends, family, and the Miso Social TV community. Users “check in” to different movies or television episodes and have the option to add a comment or share their selection with friends and family via another social network like Facebook or Twitter. Miso Social TV is a great way for users to expand their popular culture knowledge, learn something new, or expand expertise. While the app is easy to use and contains no inappropriate material, parents are advised that not all movies and television shows in the app are appropriate for children. This app is recommended to any user ages 4 and up.



Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

1399-1-miso-social-tv Miso Social TV provides users with a massive selection of television and movie titles to browse. Users can begin by adding their favorite movies, as well as tracking any shows they currently follow or followed in the past. Using the app, users can see what media friends, family, and other users with similar tastes are watching, read their comments, or learn about the basic premise of an unfamiliar program. This app can help users track and learn about their own media consuming habits and preferences, as well as potential discover or expand their tastes to new interest areas. For example, a users who often find themselves tracking episodes of a particular mystery show might find they enjoy other popular programs in the genre. The app also displays currently trending shows and movies to help users keep up to date on what others in the community have been watching.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Staying current on a favorite television program requires dedication and a fair amount of planning. Users must make decisions about their obligations and responsibilities in order to be available as a new episode of a program airs, or when visiting the movie theater to catch the latest blockbuster. For example, when planning to watch the latest episode of a new television show, users must be able to plan to be available, as have their homework and other responsibilities completed. Users may also create a plan to record a favorite show, realizing that their time is stretched too thin, or that their schedule is too full to be able to dedicate time to the program. Following a television show requires users to exercise the Planning thinking skill when adhering to a schedule, prioritizing responsibilities, and creating a contingency plan when time is tight.


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