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inClass is a comprehensive planning and organizational app geared towards middle-school, high-school, and college-aged users. Users have the ability to add class times, professors, homework, and due dates to their calendar. inClass is more than a simple to-do list. Users can attach recorded content, files, and notes to each reminder, giving each day a detailed description. When work loads begin to pile up, an elaborate task list is important for success in the classroom. There are some limited customization options for changing font type and color, and users can also set alarms and prioritize tasks in order of importance. The app uses terminology geared towards older students — such as labs, semester, coursework — but can be utilized by ages 8 and up.



Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Poor planners tend to get overwhelmed with work, especially when unexpected assignments arise or are due in short time. Procrastination often ensues, causing students to struggle to keep up with their work. Managing multiple assignments may seem difficult, but when arranged into a weekly schedule become much more manageable. Maintaining a detailed task list may seem like a burden at first, but inClass eases the process of planning out a particularly daunting week of work with its simple scheduling tools. inClass is most effective when tasks are broken down daily and hourly, allotting dedicated slots of time long enough for assignments to be thoroughly attended to and conveniently worked into users' schedules. School assignments and related tasks should be entered in immediately, allowing users to choose the best way to approach their upcoming work week. Tasks can be checked off upon completion, leaving users a log of accomplished work and giving relief as they see their workload grow smaller.


Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Users have many options when it comes to how they want to organize tasks into their schedule. Whether it is by date, month, course, semester, or priority, inClass helps keep a well ordered collection of commitments and deadlines. Aesthetics are an integral part of task lists. If the interface is hard to navigate, dull or cluttered, it is unlikely users will engage heavily with the app. inClass' focus of aesthetic organization makes it easy for users to locate existing tasks, categorize assignments by subject and add new work into the app. The app's use is not limited to schoolwork, however. Users can sort work commitments, social obligations, or extra-curricular activities into their archive, using inClass as a way to organize both work and play together into their day-to-day life.

Time Management

Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort.

Using InClass to effectively manage assignments, due dates, class times, and other important priorities is an excellent way to exercise the Time Management thinking skill. Users can utilize the app to track upcoming assignments by priority and due dates, making decisions about when and how much time to devote to an assignment or project. Maintaining a central record of classes, assignments, and other responsibilities can greatly improve a users ability to effectively manage their time and meet important deadlines.


In order to get the most out of inClass, try some of the ideas below, or submit your own in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Planning Activity

With your child, be sure to set reminders for upcoming tasks. Daily reminders ensure that your child will be aware of everything he must do during that particular day. A weekly reminder can be set to appear every Sunday night to give your child an overview of what he has on the docket for the upcoming week. In addition to adding reminders to tasks, encourage your child to add descriptive notes to accompany more lengthy or involved assignments. Doing so can help your child remember specific guidelines or list recommended resources related to the assignment.

Organization Activity

inClass has a variety of features that can help make your child become more organized. Using the "course" tool with your child, input each subject he is taking during a particular year, quarter or semester. Once the courses are cataloged, your child can begin to add his list of assignments, tests,resources and projects. Within a task, your child should note the priority of the assignment as well as the date it is due. This extra information functions much like a "tag," sorting the information so it can be placed into inClass' detailed calendar.

Time Management Activity

When balancing multiple classes, assignments, and other responsibilities your child will need to adapt and exercise the Time Management thinking skill. With your child, assess upcoming classes and assignments and devise a strategy for effective use of time. Your child should base this plan on the amount of time and work and individual responsibility requires, how much of a priority the responsibility is, and any deadlines associated with the responsibility. Work with your child to set aside and schedule time for completing different assignments based on these principals. Your child may also like to further improve time management by using an app such as 30/30, which can keep track of the time your child devotes to individual pieces of an overall project.

inClass & ADHD

Children with ADHD often have trouble organizing their school materials and consistently dedicating time towards study. This can lead to them misplacing important class materials and falling back in their studies. As a result, they arrive to exams and class discussions less prepared than their classmates. inClass can help such students keep a detailed list of important class material and create a regimented schedule for tackling their workload. Preparedness is an important trait which can lead to confidence in school and make managing weekly work a less daunting task -- especially for kids with ADHD. How to Use inClass for Kids with ADHD:

  • Children with ADHD should begin each day by reviewing their task list. Though at first, the list may seem daunting, they should be sure to check off every activity they finish. Not only will they feel a sense of accomplishment when a task is checked off, but their daily task lists will diminish, keeping stress levels low.
  • Children with ADHD, often struggle to find direction, or method to their work, when they are not continually reinforced by a rubric or strict guidelines. When a day begins without a plan, children who are hyperactive or impulsive will forge ahead with little foresight, with a "winging it" strategy simply not suited for a school environment. Using inClass' "notes" feature, children can enter extended descriptions of their day-to-day tasks. Sometimes a "do math homework" reminder is not enough. Children with ADHD need detail. They can use the notes section to enter information like, "Bring home math book, and all notes from the week. Quiz on chapter 2 next Monday. Take online pre-test on indicated website." Reminders like these can make it easy for children to remember exactly what they have to study, as well as incorporating important dates to their task list, and their notes.
  • Because children with ADHD have trouble prioritizing important information and events, they will find inClass' "priority" sorting function particularly helpful. Here they can distinguish between tests and quizzes, optional and mandatory assignments, and appropriately judge the importance of a project. When tasks are assigned to a priority list, children can easily see what they should work on immediately, instead relying on the extended deliberation - which will ultimately result in procrastination.

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