LQ: 8.95


Brain grade: 9.5
Fun score: 8.4

Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:

Plantie is an app that combines a focus timer with growing different types of virtual polygonal trees. The player starts with an apple tree and completes tasks in order to earn different types of trees. The user begins by setting the focus timer for the desired amount of time, with a minimum of ten minutes.The timer will then count down while the user focuses on the task at hand. If the user presses the home button on their device or opens another app the focus is broken and the player is not awarded any coins. By completing the task, the player earns a coin which can be saved to purchase additional trees within the app. The player can also earn badges for completing certain numbers of tasks, collecting a certain number of coins, or focusing for a certain amount of hours. 

The app also allows for five minute breaks in-between setting task timers but they can be skipped if the user wants to move to their next focusing task. 

For users who want a more lenient approach to coin-earning, the settings menu allows for the user to have 30 seconds to navigate away from the app before breaking focus, or turning the focus break feature off completely. 

After completing a few days of focusing, the player can use the stats app to track their efficiency over a period of time.

Plantie is currently available on iOS.

Plantie helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Focus: Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks. 

Plantie is a great way for the user to practice their focusing skills by helping turn their mobile device into a distraction-free focus timer. When the app is set to its default settings, any navigation away from the Plantie app will break focus and cause the user to start the timer over again. The user will also not earn any coins for the time that they did focus before they navigated away from the app. For players who struggle with focus or might need a gentler approach to using a focus timer, the app offers two other ways to focus; by allowing 30 seconds to navigate away and then return to the app or to let the user navigate away and return freely without losing progress. 

Time Management: Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort.

Plantie is also a good way for users to practice their time management skills by putting a timed component onto their daily tasks. Plantie also offers the user a timer for breaks in between the timed tasks to teach the user about the importance of pausing after the completion of a task and before starting another. For users who struggle with time management, starting small with ten minute tasks and taking breaks in between each one can be a way to build up to earning more coins and unlocking more badges and different rarer types of trees.

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