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Habit is a management app where the user can keep track of different tasks that they would like to turn into habits. The app can also be used to track days where the user does not perform an action if they are trying to break a current habit. The user opens the app and clicks the plus icon in the upper right hand corner. They are then asked to name the habit. The user can then add a motivational phrase to help themselves stay on track. Frequency of tracking can also be added, as well as a color to coordinate the type of habit being formed or broken. The user can also set reminders where their device can send them push notifications as a way to stay on track. 

To track a habit, the user simply needs to click on the checkmark for the corresponding day. The app will then fill in the habit with its percentage complete for the month. Clicking on the habit will bring up its individual statistics, allowing the user to see how they have progressed with this habit since they began using the app. They can also look at their progress over the past month or the past year. A graphing feature shows this data visually, as well as a calendar with circles surrounding the days where the habit was successfully tracked. 

Habit is free to use but certain features including unlimited habits, color scheme themes, etc, require the full purchase of the app. It is available now on iOS. 

Habit helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Planning: Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

In order to successfully form or break a habit, the user needs to be able to plan out how they will approach this task. Apps like Habit can help the user plan out their habits by allowing them to write them down, organize them into color-coded categories, and set push notifications to remind them to stay on track even during the busiest of days. The app also shows them the number of days in the month they have stayed on course, allowing them to reflect and plan for the rest of the month ahead. 


Self-Control: Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

Habit tracking apps are a great way to work on self-control. Habits can be difficult to maintain if the user is not tracking them in some way. Habit allows the user to easily create habits and simply track them by clicking on the check mark for the date in question. They can then check their statistics over time to reflect on the progress they have made. It can also allow the user to see what areas need improvement and what habits are now fully established and no longer need to be tracked. For users who struggle with managing their actions, starting slow with a small habit and making sure to open the app every day to track their progress will help to build up this skill. 

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