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Wunderlist is a free website and mobile app for managing tasks and creating lists. Users create tasks, then set a due date and reminder to keep them on track and avoid procrastination. Though there are many “to-do” apps available, Wunderlist sets itself apart with a stylized aesthetic presentation and the ability to integrate with various social platforms. Users can personalize their backgrounds and sync their tasks with friends via e-mail, Facebook, and text messages. Wunderlist’s neat and uncluttered interface makes it very easy to use for any age group, but its functionality is most applicable for ages 8 and up.

This App is good for kids who need help with:


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Wunderlist serves as a great tool for preparation and timeliness, helping users avoid chronic tardiness and forgetfulness. Once a task is stored, users will receive a reminder at a predetermined time prior to the due date. Reminders can be preset as push notifications or sent via e-mail. Wunderlist can be used to schedule meetings, record homework assignments, list study materials or simply make shopping lists. Users should make it a habit of updating and checking their tasks frequently to remove completed tasks and ensure the app achieves optimum functionality. Busy work days and unplanned weekends will no longer be a problem for those who suffer from mild spells of absent-mindedness, as Wunderlist can help users plan their days in a linear fashion and remind them of upcoming obligations.


Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Users have the ability to rank their tasks by order of importance, helping prioritize their schedule by starring items that are of particular significance. Information is arranged on the home screen in a prioritized manner, listing starred items, users' most pressing tasks, and tasks that are currently overdue. Tagging tasks with people related to projects or events makes it easy to share and arrange information, while the categorization and prioritizing features make arranging notes and related events into folders a simple endeavor. When a task is complete, users mark it as done to remove it from the main interface. By utilizing all the organizational tools available, users can sort information logically and create a clean, sensible visual representation of their notes and upcoming tasks.

Time Management

Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort.

Wunderlist allows users to create and set due dates for upcoming tasks and assignments. Having all responsibilities, projects, and assignments in a central location can help your child better assess and prioritize the amount of time required to complete individual assignments. Effective time management relies on users understand when and where to apply effort in order to meet deadlines and complete assignments to the best of their ability. Keeping track of assignments inside of Wunderlist allows users to make an overall assessment based on all of their responsibility and make informed decisions about how to best apply efforts. Using Wunderlist in this manner can help users continuously exercise their Time Management thinking skill.

In order to get the most out of Wunderlist, try some of the ideas below, or submit your own in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Planning Activity

Use Wunderlist with your child to create events and tasks for the upcoming week. Extra-curricular activities, sporting events, tests, parties, and any other commitments should be documented in the app's list. Important events can be starred, and set to a reminder. Wunderlist can make your child's week seem less overwhelming and chaotic -- and every task more manageable. Regimented days are important for introducing structure into your child's life. Planning ahead is an important skill for your child to learn, as commitments only get more numerous as he grows in age.

Organization Activity

Take the task list that you and your child created for the upcoming week. Organize the list chronologically, starring items that warrant immediate attention. Wunderlist is inherently and aesthetically organizational, as all tasks are aligned in a linear, chronological manner. Have your child use the organizational tools of the app to sort tasks and notes by related subjects, creating folders to file them into. Have him tag friends and family in related events, and download the app yourself to share reminders and work together to create a body of organized tasks and commitments.

Time Management Activity

Help your child make assessments about which assignments to prioritize and where to best concentrate attention and effort. With you child, make predictions based on workload or past experience about the amount of time to effectively complete different tasks, assignments, or responsibilities. Your child can practice making these assessments using household and everyday chores. For example, assess how a number of different chores take to complete properly and ask your child to create a plan to have these tasks completed in a predetermined increment of time. Together, develop and effective plan that utilizes time management skills in order to achieve the final goal of completing all chores in the allotted amount of time. Your child can apply these skills to school work and other responsibilities outside of school.

Wunderlist & ADHD

Children with ADHD have a difficult time with punctuality and task management. Due to these shortcomings, children with ADHD are sometimes wrongly labelled "unreliable," or "untrustworthy." The inability to be meet deadlines and arrive on time is often a direct result from ADHD. Wunderlist functionality can be used to directly remedy these difficulties, and can help ADHD children to become better planners and gain a sense of organization over their lives.

How to Use Wunderlist for Kids with ADHD:

  • For every major school assignment your child must complete, use Wunderlist to create both a task and a reminder. The reminder will prevent your child from procrastinating, and ensure he sets aside enough time to complete his work. Reminders can be sent in the form of a push notification on a mobile device, or via e-mail. You can even send out reminders to classmates related to the assignment to ensure all those involved get a leg up on the task.
  • Get your child in the habit of using Wunderlist everyday. When used consistently, your child will become more familiar with the app's interface, making it even easier to plan a list of tasks for the upcoming week. Use a particular day of the week to enter all known tasks for the next seven days, and as a time to check off completed tasks and erase them from the app. Doing so can create sense of accomplishment and help encourage further use of the app.
  • The "Overdue" tab will keep your child informed of an overdue assignment or missed commitment. Make it a point to have your child address each overdue task, whether this means catching up on studying, reading an extra chapter of a book or simply apologizing to a friend for failing to meet up at a social event.


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