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Springpad is a mobile app that combines the organizational tools of Evernote with the aesthetic of Pinterest. Users can create personalized notebooks for everything from shopping lists, assignments  gift ideas, movies to see, or favorite recipes. Notebook entries are logged with bookmarked images, enhancing the visual appeal of the app. For items of particular interest, users can set reminders and alarms, ensuring their notes, or “springs,” will not be forgotten. Much like Pinterest, users have the opportunity to explore other springs, engaging with followers who share similar “springboards.” Each notebook can be customized by title, color, font, and background, giving users a sense of personalization, diversity and variation among subjects. Springpad‘s overall ease of use and minimal reading requirements makes it suitable for ages 8 and older.

This app is good for kids who need help with:


Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Springpad's user-friendly interface lends itself well to staying organized. The app's "My Notebooks" feature separates each notebook by category, allowing users to add or delete content at any time. When adding "springs," users can query their searches using Springboard's 18 different content-specific search categories. Users should always be creating new notebooks when adding springs, furthering the specificity in which they organize their content. Assignments, resources, reminder, good ideas and lists can all be kept sorted from one another, adding clarity to what would otherwise be cluttered content Springboard provides the perfect platform for documenting information regarding everything from school, work, friends and family.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals. Improving short-term planning.

Creating a good balance of recreational and educational content on Springboard allow users to grasp the multi-purpose functionality of the app. When searching for new springs to add to their notebooks, users are actively planning, making note of things they may like to see, do, or buy in the future. Users can plan birthdays, dinners, and nights out, simply by adding content to their notebooks. A reminder and alarm can be set, helping keep users current with their latest events and upcoming responsibilities  For example, users can create a detailed shopping list, making note of brand names, quantity, and price. A reminder is then set, so as soon as users arrive at the local grocery, an alarm will sound, and the shopping list will appear on the mobile device - making sure the milk is not forgotten this time around.


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

Springboard can help to foster collaborative social skills and positive peer interaction, while the app's high level of personalization allows users to express themselves by creating springs that speak to their interests. Springboard's notebooks make it easy for users to collect and catologue their personal interests and to deepen their understanding of their own tastes -- an important skill for many pre-teens and adolescents. The social element of Springboard allows users to generate followers with similar springs, and share favorite springs and notebooks with those that share similar interests. An acute understanding of how a person's interests and hobbies will translate to others and fits within a larger audience can help reinforces the importance of social and self-awareness.

In order to get the most out of Springpad, try some of the ideas below, or submit your own in the comment box at the bottom of the page

Organization Activity

Allow your child to organize his social life using Springboard. Have him create separate notebooks for movies to see, places to go, gifts to buy, and restaurants to try or places to visit. The app will function like a visual checklist, where items can be added or removed upon completion, or expanded on afterwards. Encourage your child to use Springboard to catalogue all the things he hopes to do in the coming weeks with friends, separating each "spring" into a category and ranking them by order of preference. Then, ensure he has an up-to-date contact list, and have him share each spring with the friends he thinks might be interested in joining in on the activity.

Planning Activity

Before a shopping trip, use Springboard to make a shopping list with your child. Listing items under the tags like "grocery," or "back to school," have your child make a shopping list that specifies the brand of each item he prefers, minimizing the time spent deliberating over the merits of a particular brand. Using Springboard as a collaborative list-making app can make any type of shopping more efficient. When the holiday season comes around, encourage your child to make a list of gift ideas for the family, or create a wish list of items he'd be interested in for his birthday.

Self-Awareness Activity

Springpad's reminders can help bolster the your child's ability to honor prior commitments and keep up to date with schoolwork and friends. Being mindful when it comes to keeping commitments is an important skill for developing social awareness. Social awareness and emotional bonds become crucial factors when you child begins to form relationships with peers. Springpad allows your child to set reminders about when and where to meet people, be notified of upcoming events like birthdays or study group meetings, and become a more dependable and resopnsible individual  Help him look over such information at the start of each week or month, setting reminders for events and obligations  Doing so can help him become a more dependable member of his peer group, and important characteristic for forging relationships.

Springpad & ADHD

Many kids with ADHD struggle with punctuality and reliability. They often fail to meet deadlines, neglect prior engagements, and improperly organize their materials. These shortcomings can be rectified using Springpad. The app can help to organize your child's world, making all tasks seem manageable and less stressful.

How to Use Springpad for Kids with ADHD:

  • Use Springpad's Notebook feature to make tentative plans for the weekend. With your child, separate potential plans into their corresponding subject-related notebooks. For example, in the "Movies to See" notebook, "spring" a list of a few movies your child likes. Not only is he practicing organization by springing information into notebooks, he is also helping to plan a night out with the family. Once decided, set a reminder to go off an hour before the movie starts, so he has time to get ready for the show.
  • Springpad's "unfiled Items" tab lets your child know when he has not put a piece of content in a notebook. A cluttered "unfiled items" tab means that your child is not utilizing Springpad to its full potential, so encourage him to check in on this area of the app periodically to sort any notes that slipped through. Only when information is sorted mindfully and meaningfully the app aid in organization.
  • A child with ADHD will often have trouble being on time. Your child can use the reminder and alarm function in Springpad to recorded voice reminders, or manually enter notifications that relate to his springs. Either way, you can be sure that your child we be prompted by his mobile device to attend to a specific commitment.
  • Springpad can help your child in social spheres, as well. A child with ADHD, though often outwardly talkative, fun, and rambunctious, is usually not the most reliable member in a group of friends. Encourage your child to create a notebook of voice recorded memos that notify him at pre-determined intervals of upcoming events, assignments, engagements, and any other commitments.



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