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Ryan showcases Tetris

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Get Your Game or App on LearningWorks for Kids LearningWorks for Kids only chooses the best games and apps to review and recommend to our audience. Getting your game or [...]

Ask Dr. Kulman: Setting Limits on Online Multiplayer Games

Kay writes:

We would like a set time vs. a completed game limit. The games on STEAM ban players who end games early [so] players need to have other players […]

Teens and Social Media: The Highlight Reel Effect

Think for a moment about how you, as an adult, use social media. Do you post about a failure on Facebook, or do you keep it to yourself? How many […]

Should You Let Your Child Watch Unboxing Videos?

I first became aware of a very niche hobby a few years ago, when my cousin casually mentioned that her daughter loved watching videos of people opening up brand new […]

Ask Dr. Kulman: Fun and Effective Reading Apps and Games

Joei writes:

I’m homeschooling my two sons (ages 7 and 4) and started by using workbooks and abandoned it quickly because it was too frustrating for all of us.  We’ve […]

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Ryan showcases Fantastic Contraption

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Ryan showcases Elephant Quest

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Ryan showcases Super Ubie Land

Super Ubie Land

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