Tiny Rabbit – Chasing Aurora

LQ: 8.0


Brain grade: 8.0
Fun score: 8.0

Game Type: ESRB Rating: N/A Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: ,


In Tiny Rabbit – Chasing Aurora, the story begins on Earth with a tiny rabbit that had magnificent dreams of touching an aurora in the sky. He quickly realized he wasn’t going to be able to make it without some sort of rocket. After making quite a few mistakes, he finally succeeded and created a carrot-fueled rocket engine. With the player’s help, the tiny rabbit can now chase after auroras! Gameplay controls are easy to learn, using only a simple tap and hold to blast off, while his direction is controlled by tilting the device. Reaching the stars isn’t completely worry-free though, as there are enemies, black holes, and rotten carrots that are to be avoided at all costs. The level never ends, which makes it a great game to challenge one’s self with, each time trying to better the previous altitude reached. Due to the simple controls and lack of any academic skills or inappropriate content, players as young as five can throw on their space suit and take part in the aurora-chasing fun!




Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors

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The motion-based tilt controls used in Tiny Rabbit - Chasing Aurora require a certain level of calmness and controlled movement, using subtle motions (as opposed to quick and jerky ones) to safely navigate the sky. With the goal of the game to reach as high of an altitude as possible, logic would suggest the player should travel as fast as possible. However, the presence of obstacles such as birds, rocks, and spaceships restricts the use of all-out speed, as just one collision and the game is over. The player has to resist using super speeds 100% of the time and instead safely control his movements to bursts of speed when the sky seems clear of dangers. The faster he goes, the quicker his fuel is used up as well, so refraining from constant "pedal to the metal" will help avoid running out of gas before he has the chance to collect more carrots. Finally, the never-ending nature of the game requires players to constantly restart and repeat the same level over again. Getting a high score and beating previous ones can take time, so his Self-Control skills are also used to help level any frustration as he plays to improve his best score. Avoiding discouragement and keeping his head in the game leads to better scores than if he were to succumb to aggravation and play in an uncontrolled manner.


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Especially when traveling at faster speeds, it's easy to not be able to react fast enough to avoid running into a bird or a falling rock. This makes awareness of his surroundings really vital to giving him the best possible chance of avoiding obstacles that cross his path. Wandering eyes are likely to miss that bird or spaceship and before he knows it, he's collided with it and his progress has ended. The best chance of reaching new heights in Tiny Rabbit - Chasing Aurora is to center all his attention to the game and avoid anything unrelated to it. He must keep a sharp eye out to avoid obstacles without forgetting to monitor his fuel level so that he doesn't run out. He also needs to collect helpful items like rocket boosters and healthy carrots needed for fuel. A good eye helps him steer clear of any rotten carrots too, which reduce fuel supply. His ability to extend his focus across his speed, fuel level, obstacles, and items to snag, will translate into the high altitudes he will ultimately reach. Additionally, persistence, which is an aspect of the Focus skill, is an ingredient to game play that ensures he will be able to slowly but surely continue beating his previous scores.

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