Mushroom Wars

LQ: 7.8


Brain grade: 7.6
Fun score: 8.0

Game Type: ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 8+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Mushroom Wars is a strategy game where players control and direct a small army of units in an attempt to conquer enemy mushroom villages. Battles take place in close-quarters maps using simple, straight-forward controls. To win each level, players must to take over all enemy villages, or capture certain bases that are marked with a star. Players produce attack units from these villages, which can be used to defend territory or be sent out to destroy enemy camps. Some levels contain towers that will shoot as units approach them, and players can purchase upgrades to enhance such structures. Aside from mild cartoon violence, there is no inappropriate content, making the game suitable for children ages 8 and up.



Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

In order to fend off enemy forces and gain territory in Mushroom Wars, players must always keep the bigger picture in mind. Players should avoid side skirmishes on less strategic points of the map, and direct their attention toward the starred villages. When sending out units to other villages, players must do so in a way that leaves some defenses behind. If all units are moved from one village to another, the empty village will be very vulnerable to an enemy attack. However, if that first village is buried deep within the player’s territory, then it is unlikely it will be harmed, and players can then move units away from it in order to reinforce the exposed villages on the edges of their territory. Without a sound strategy that takes these factors into account, players will quickly be overrun by the enemy, leaving them unable to muster the necessary forces to regain lost villages.


Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Balancing attack and defense in Mushroom Wars means constantly managing and organizing units across the map. Enemy villages are marked with numbers that represent the quantity of mushrooms defending them. In order to capture these areas, players must send more attacking mushrooms than the number indicated. Sometimes, several waves of attacks must be directed at once in order to capture heavily fortified areas. Other times, defenses need to be fortified to ward off enemy attackers. Players can upgrade their villages to make their defenses stronger, but doing so costs units to upgrade, and can leave players with fewer attacking options. In order to organize attacks, maintain a defense and upgrade village fortifications, players need to arrange their troops logically, making sure they have strong numbers when attacking while maintaining a solid defense that protects their villages.

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